Thursday, July 22, 2010

Celebrity Astrology Quiz

I think it's time for a good old fashioned astrology quiz. If you find you have too much time on your hands at work today and just need something to pass the time or if you're simply looking to escape the drudgery of your daily routine I invite you to dive in and test your astrological trivia skills. It will be a no brainer to figure out if your answer is right or if your answer is wrong.

This Cancer native has been receiving a lot of mention in the news lately. Prescription drugs and many years of family discord seems to have encouraged a lot of this vixen's bad behavior. Perhaps this is the reason for her total disregard for normal rules that all ordinary law abiding citizens abide by. Looks like our starlet's natal Sun-Neptune opposition is in need of a definite reality check.

This popular Cancer lady will go down in history as having the largest fan base in history...ever.
a) Meryl Streep

A definite music lover; this lady owns a fashion empire and can sing too!

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