Friday, July 16, 2010

Mel and Oksana: Like a Match Made in Divorce Court

I don't have all the birth data for Mel's girlfriend, but I got enough to satisfy my curiosity and from the looks of things Oksana certainly has her hands full considering Mel's transits phew! Now the only thing that Mel and I have in common is the fact that our transits stink, however I still think that score-wise I beat Mel by a landslide... just saying. Of course toleration for pain is a personal thing and obviously from the looks of things Mel has reached his personal bottom. Let's take a look:

Saturn in Virgo in Mel's fourth house has been demanding that Mel take a look at his home life. If we understand the rules and keep them in mind it is possible to make Saturn our ally. Saturn helps us take responsibility for the issues concerning the house that is being transited. So in Mel's case if his household and the people in it are not measuring up to Saturn's standards Saturn will force you make all the wrongs in the home right. For instance if Mel has been neglecting mortgage payments he will suffer the consequences. This is also a time when he can expect lots of demands by family members. The structure of his house literally and figuratively will probably be in need of repair. In short, if Mel's house is a mess it will become obvious to him as well as everyone else.

The planet Pluto transiting Mel's sixth house of health has been causing Mel to feel a lot of pressure at work. When Pluto transits the sixth house it is often a signal that the the type of work that you are involved with is coming to an end. Time will tell. Pluto rules Mel's fifth house making the issue of children a compelling one. Ugh! More drama. Perhaps this is the reason we have been hearing about his custody fight with Oksana.

I'm betting that old Mel will definitely be feeling the pain in his piggy bank because of this mess especially with Oksana who is a security oriented Taurus. It was only a matter of time before Mel would have his suspicions confirmed. You see, Oksana thought him to be socially unacceptable. After all her Saturn squaring his Venus wouldn't exactly make Mel feel very pretty. There are just some things that even fame can't make disappear.

Saturn on Mel's Moon doesn't fare well for dealings with women. There is a little known fact about Saturn-Moon transits that I've noticed. I've seen it again and again, and it never fails that people with hard aspects to their Moon wind up going to the bank for a loan. Looks like Mel needs some cash.

Uranus's recent opposition to Mel's Moon is not only causing domestic problems but is causing Mel to display crazy, wacko behavior. Neptune is squaring his natal Saturn... another aspect that can cause one to become unglued.

I just noticed that Mel's Mars opposes Oksana's Mercury. This aspect can make Oksana feel like she has to defend herself against Mel's rants and slurs. He probably baits her with his nasty comments. I'll bet it worked. Ugh!

Oh, yes, here is another thing. Oksana's Uranus is conjunct Mel's Moon...irritating I'll bet.

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