Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Venus and Pluto

It's only a matter of days before transiting Venus will be opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Granted it's a short lived transit but anytime planets are within breathing distance of one another and especially when we are talking about a planet as intimidating and manipulating as Pluto is it's best to be prepared.

I know an artist who is a strong Plutonian type. He used to paint these huge floor to ceiling paintings and just when you thought he was all finished because it looked that way, he would continue to compulsively slather and splash colors in every direction until it was turned into one big ugly mess. You see Pluto just can't leave anything alone, he has to do it to death. He just don't know when to put the brakes on. It's a compulsive thing and it's also a control thing.

Compulsiveness can be a good thing though if you're a professional organizer where your job is turning chaos into an ordered whole. Learning how to control oneself can also be a good thing especially if you're a toddler in potty training but compulsiveness in relationships can be a bad thing, and that's where transiting Venus opposing Pluto comes in.

Venus just wants to love and be loved, be nice and look beautiful all the time. Pluto just wants to control all the time. Pluto will always try to force his way on you because it's either his way or the highway. I look at oppositions like two people confronting one another and in the case of Venus-Pluto oppositions the confrontation is all about trying to make someone love you. Remember, in mythology Pluto was god of the underworld, all his riches are found underneath the ground, like oil, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. So basically Pluto is like the Carlos Slim of the astrological world and as we all know, big money confers big power to those with the most of it.

People who are used to getting what they want just figure everybody has a price. During this short lived transit of Venus opposing Pluto you can find yourself bumping into someone who fits the description of a tycoon stalker type or simply someone who is just trying to buy your affections... either way it never feels quite healthy and you'll find yourself a bit uncomfortable for a short time because fortunately this is a fleeting transit.

It's when your natal Venus is being transited by Pluto that you should worry. And you won't need me to tell you that someone wants you to be either their mistress, sugar daddy or long term paid escort when transiting Pluto is opposing or conjuncting or squaring your natal Venus because Pluto never gives you anything for free.

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