Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Gemini

May you never be at a loss for words.
May the mighty pen ever be your ally and defend you with every stroke.
May your dual personality always make it impossible for others to pigeonhole you.
May every energetic gesticulation be appreciated as your unique form of punctuation.
May you always be the master of your tongue and not be mastered by it.
May you strive to be bilingual.
May talk radio never die.
May boredom never park itself inside your door.
May your hands always be prepared to receive all good things in twos.
May you always enjoy the art of conversation, walking, running, thinking, typing, riding, knitting, filing, multi tasking, networking, e-mailing, googling, teaching, selling, reading, writing, looking young, being inquisitive, novelties, intellectual pursuits, and each and every one of your siblings.

Enjoy your cake and have a terrific weekend.

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