Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moon Square Mercury

At the time of this writing the Moon in Leo is approaching a square to Mercury in much for rational thinking. I don't particularly care for conflicting aspects between fixed signs especially when the Moon is involved because fixed signs make for predictable stubborn behavior in otherwise mature adults.

Emotional thinking is like standing in canoe trying to balance a drink in your hand. There is nothing innately wrong with canoes nor is there anything wrong with enjoying a glass of anything while on it, but canoes require balance and rhythmic paddling which unless you are a circus performer is difficult to manage standing in one.

So it is with the emotional Moon squaring rational Mercury; eventually somebody's going overboard. The two don't mix, especially when it comes to decision making. When the Moon is in a square to Mercury in the sky you can be sure all us earth people are struggling with immediacy issues like dating someone you know is absolutely not good for you but you are torn between how exciting he or she makes you feel and how that person actually looks on paper.

So he makes your toes curl every time he calls but he never calls when he says he is going to. She is the hottest looking woman you've ever dated, but you know your entire family wouldn't approve of her because she's working at a strip club. These are just little examples of Moon square Mercury dilemmas. So if you find yourself feeling like this on a Moon square Mercury kind of day. Just remember to use your head or do what I do. When I find myself almost ready to do something stupid, if it feels good I do it anyway.

Don't look at me like Mars is in Leo. What would you expect?

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