Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mars in Leo is Looking for a Fight!!

Today transiting Mars is squaring the Sun in Taurus. The Moon is approaching an opposition to this feisty planet promising a day chock full of competition and short fuses. If you were born early in the sign of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius it would be best to keep your blinders on in order to avoid all the annoying people and situations that will eventually piss you off.

The good thing about transiting Mars in Leo is that it has the potential to energize and light a fire under the all the other fixed signs that might have been feeling lethargic and fearful of taking the initiative. The bad thing about transiting Mars in hard aspect to all these fixed signs is that when under duress the people around you will find it difficult to practice tolerance and patience. The resulting effect of this bullish set up will be flaring tempers and flying fists.

For all of you fixies in a pugilistic profession you will be on the top of your game. Seasoned and budding boxers will be ready to fight like the proverbial bull seeing red. Competitive sports junkies will think they've died and gone to heaven rooting for their favorite teams going for the gold. But for all you regular people out there just trying to make it through the day be prepared for any of these possible scenarios:
  1. Today you realize just how stubborn your significant other really is.
  2. You're feeling a sore throat coming on.
  3. Your neighbor's kid hit a baseball right through your living room window...and his parents hate you.
  4. You discover your right tail light is smashed coming out of the supermarket parking lot.
  5. It's time to sharpen all your kitchen knives.
  6. You refuse and dismiss yet again any suggestion made by your spouse.
  7. You really did get that black eye walking into a door.
  8. You find yourself pondering whether you should take that anger management class after all.
  9. You sign up for a two year membership at your local gym.
  10. You decide you are never going to make peace with your dumb-ass brother.

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