Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Horoscope Correction

Due to a serious mix up yesterday's blog should be not only deleted but tossed out along with all the contents of yesterday's wastepaper basket. With that said I shall start anew with the interpretation for our Taurus participant born on May 10th, 1985 at 2:30AM using the Munich Rhythm Theory Method of Horoscope Interpretation.

Continuing where I left off, the the ages of fourteen through twenty-one will be ruled by the planet Saturn because Capricorn is the sign on the cusp of the eleventh house. Since Saturn is located in the ninth house we can expect this to be a time when our participant's attention will shift to the more serious subject of education. Our Taurus's natal Sun is in opposition to Saturn which will also cause our security oriented Taurus to become very concerned about what the world will expect of him or her. This will be a period of testing and the trine of Saturn to our Taurus's ascendant is an indication that our participant will be up to the challenge no matter how anxiety producing it may be.

At some point during this age period the planet Neptune will also go into release but we must keep in mind that even though Neptune goes into release the ruler of the period is always going to be Saturn which means Saturn is the boss. Neptune's influence will be the equivalent of the atmospheric conditions on a particular calendar day. The bottom line will always be defined by the ruling planet of the period in question. Simple math calculations can be done to determine when the influence of vague Neptune will be experienced. Since this is not a chart calculation class suffice it to say that sometime during the ages of fourteen and twenty one Neptune will cause our participant some confusion regarding his or her choice of career. Additionally, since Neptune is squaring Venus we can expect some disappointing experience in an affair of the heart and because Saturn was the ruler of this period perhaps the disappointment was due to a difference in points of view between our Taurus and his or her romantic interest at the time.

Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the period between the ages of twenty-one through twenty- eight. Jupiter is in the eleventh house and is making many beneficial aspects to our participant's Venus, Mercury, and Uranus. This is a period when our participant will want to broaden his or her social sphere. Jupiter in the eleventh house will bring our participant in touch with people of diverse cultures. We would also expect our participant to benefit though friends of significant stature as well.

Since the Moon is also going to go into release because it is located in the house where Jupiter is located our participant will probably become involved in women's groups and find emotional enjoyment from associations with them. The Moon in a sextile aspect to Venus will increase our participant's popularity as well as increase the chances of romantic liaisons.

I also take into consideration the transits of the planets and right now our Taurus is experiencing the transit of Saturn through the seventh house. It is not uncommon to become serious about marriage when Saturn is transiting this house. Whenever Saturn transits a particular house the issues of that house are taken seriously. Saturn in the seventh says "I am taking relationships seriously." This is a time of testing for the relationships that one encounters. Entering a relationship when Saturn transits the seventh house is a relationship that is based on maturity and not based on frivolous spur of the moment impulses.

I received an e-mail from this participant and was told that marriage is definitely on the horizon. I also was given much appreciated feed back regarding the planetary release periods that were encountered. I am full of happiness and good wishes for my happy reader and again apologize for my confusing interpretation.

Here's a toast to a long and happy union of two special souls!

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