Monday, May 3, 2010

Aquarius: The Original Quick Change Artist

I will continue with the chart of our participant born on May 10th, 1985 at 2:30AM using the Munich Theory Method of Horoscope interpretation. In my last blog I stated that the ages of seven through fourteen for our participant will be ruled by the planet Uranus because going in a clockwise direction Aquarius is on the cusp of the twelfth house. The ninth house is located in the third quadrant where an understanding results from encountering one's environment. It is safe to say that our participant suddenly understood the world to be an unpredictable place where anything could happen.

The Moon in the third house ruling the fourth is opposing Uranus. This is further indication that our participant would have experienced a sudden change in his neighborhood and living situation. The Moon is the natural ruler of the mother and the opposition to Uranus could be an indication that our participant may have experienced an emotional and physical separation from the mother. This is indicated by the Moon located in the physical first quadrant and by the Moon which rules the emotional third quadrant.

Since the eleventh house contains Venus, the Sun and Mercury these planets are pulled into the picture as well. For simplicity sake I will not go into detail except to say that these three planets as well as their square to Pluto indicate that a very traumatic period for our participant. Maintaining friendships would have been very difficult especially since Uranus was the ruler of the period. This was a time for our participant to make way for the new and to dispense with the old. Had our participant been born under any other sign than Aquarius it might have been a lot more challenging to have a planetary set up so frought with change but Aquarians have the ability to roll with the punches a lot more than the other eleven signs of the zodiac

Capricorn is on the cusp of the eleventh house which means that the ages from fourteen through twenty one will be ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is located in the eighth house. It is difficult for people with Saturn in the eighth house to accept changes easily but a Sun in Aquarius will be able to pull it off, albeit with some difficulty, given the location of the heavenly task master. Saturn wants to structure and build but the eighth house is the area of life where endings must occur in order to make way for the process of transformation. The release of Saturn in the eighth house would indicate a time in our participant's life when he or she would learn what it takes to handle life and death matters. Often the manner in which this can be utilized practically is by managing the finances of others in the areas of insurance, and wills and estates. Life and death interests may even cause our participant to be interested the field of forensics. Planets released in the eighth house often manifest as a compelling interest in all sorts of images, ranging from film making, photography and even tattoos. Capricorn is also on the cusp of the tenth house which means that Saturn will also rule the ages from twenty-one through twenty-eight reinforcing the interests in eighth house matters.

Dobereiner's method of horoscope interpretation is much more complex than I have illustrated here. I intentionally avoided getting too detailed preferring a more general approach thereby leaving the choice to continue with this system up to you the reader. So for now I shall continue on blogging with my own unique slant on celebrities, astrological and astronomical phenomena and a sprinkling of fun games for good measure.

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