Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Venus and Neptune

Due to a sizable family celebration I am off to New York until May 3rd. So for today I will continue with the chart of our participant born on May 10th, 1985 at 2:30AM using the Munich Theory Method of Horoscope interpretation.

Since our participant is a Pisces rising the first seven years of our participant's life will be ruled by the planet Neptune as well as the aspect it makes to other planets. For this example I will only be using the obvious hard aspects for the sake of brevity.

Neptune is a very difficult energy to experience let alone interpret because of it's elusive nature. The fact that Neptune was the ruler from the ages of birth through seven years of age I doubt that our participant would even remember what occurred during that time. However, with careful probing and sensitive counseling it can be possible to put together some of the pieces of the astrological puzzle.

Neptune is the ruler of the ascendant and is located in the tenth house. I like to use the analogy of a laundry line for the tenth house. Laundry lines will display personal items of clothing for the whole neighborhood to see. Similarly any planet in the tenth house will receive instant recognition by the world at large.

In the case of our Taurus participant Neptune in the tenth house indicates that the child came into this world without a particular status. Perhaps there was a mystery surrounding the child's birth. This kind of placement almost makes me think that this child was born without a name. It may have been that the parents were unable to decide what they were going to call the child. A configuration such as this could bring with it an inborn identity crisis.

Venus is in a separating square to Neptune and as we know this aspect is notorious for causing disappointments regarding affections. The phrase missing affections comes to mind. Might I interpret this aspect to mean that our beautiful child learned what it was like to be denied affections due to environmental conditions between the ages of birth through seven years of age? I invite our participant to share the circumstances with me at any time.

Next going in a clockwise direction Aquarius is on the cusp of the twelfth house which means that Uranus will rule the ages of seven through fourteen years of age. Our Taurus participant will now go through an interesting period of change. The changes will be experienced through observing the world around him or her because Uranus is in the ninth house which is in the third quadrant where ideas come from.

Planets in the third quadrant will be witnessed rather than experienced physically or emotionally by an individual. For planets to be experienced physically they must be located in the physical first quadrant. For planets to be experienced emotionally they must be located in the emotional second quadrant. So in the case of our Taurus the next seven years of life will be witnessed though his or her exposure to the world of ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you all on May 3rd.

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