Monday, April 19, 2010

Pisces Rising

The next is our final and last participant who was on May, 10, 1985 at 02:30 AM. I will be using Wolfgang Dobereiner's Munich Rhythm Theory Method of chart interpretation which means that we begin reading the horoscope starting from the ascendant going in a clockwise direction. Since Pisces is rising this means that the planet Neptune will be ruling this period for seven years because each house contains seven years. So from the ages of birth through seven years of life our participant will experience what it means to have Neptune in the tenth house. Additionally our participant will also experience the aspects that Neptune makes to other planets in other houses.

Before charging blindly into a horoscope Dobereiner suggests that the astrologer first ask him or herself upon reading the sign on the ascendant. What is striving for expression? In our example Pisces rising indicates that our participant came into this world striving to transcend, or dissolve something because such is the nature of the planet Neptune. The rising sign helps us to recognize a person by his physical appearance. Sometimes Pisces on the ascendant can pose a problem for instance, a Pisces rising individual has the uncanny ability to appear in a form that he or she perceives as appropriate for any given situation. In other words it is as if his or her physical form is able to dissolve into another at will.

The next step is to look at the ruling planet and where it is located. Since Neptune is in the tenth house we can say that our participant is striving for transcendence. The dictionary defines transcendence as "a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience." In other words our participant must express his or her spiritual nature in the area of his or her career and since spiritual Neptune is in the sign of practical Capricorn, Neptune's spiritual style would have structure and purpose. A person with Neptune in Capricorn wants to build his or her dream and give it walls and floors. Another scenario Neptune in the tenth can bring is a problem in determining one's direction in life.

The next question to ask is: How will the endowed nature be fulfilled? The Sun, the sign it is in, and it's location will determine how the endowed nature or rising sign will come to fulfilment. Our participant has a natal Sun in the second house which is all about security and safety. The first quadrant where the Sun is located is the physical quadrant so we can say that our participant is striving to transcend or rise above the physical. But this looks like a a particularly difficult task especially since Neptune's urge to dissolve things could potentially dissolve our participant's feeling of belonging or feeling secure. On the other hand our participant might want to eliminate or dissolve the dependence on material things for a higher purpose resulting in finding security in a spiritual way of life.

The next question to ask is "What is the final outcome?" The sign on the tenth house and the location of it's ruler will determine where everything winds up. Since the sign on the cusp of our participant's tenth house is Sagittarius we must look for where Jupiter is located for the answer.

Jupiter ruler of the tenth is located in the eleventh house of change. A couple of key words related to Jupiter would be comprehension and understanding. Our participant's calling will be about bringing about change in a way that can be understood.

It looks as though our participant has an interesting challenge which would be to release him or herself from the dependence on physical security. A mighty challenge indeed.

More tomorrow!

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