Thursday, April 15, 2010

Uranus: I'm Bored!

This is a continuation of the horoscope reading for our participant born on January 22nd, 1986 at 10:31AM using the Munich Rhythm Theory Method of chart interpretation.

The sign on the cusp of the twelfth house is Aquarius. This means that the ages of seven through fourteen years of age will be ruled by the planet Uranus. The location and the planetary aspects made by Uranus will describe the experiences that our participant experienced during this phase of life.

Uranus is located in the third quadrant which is the mental quadrant. This is the quadrant where an individual will first encounter ideas which happens in the seventh house... then commit to those ideas... which happens in the eighth house... and finally looking to the ninth house phase comes understanding....because the ninth house is all about comprehension.

Uranus in the ninth house suggests that our participant learned early on in life that the world around him or her was a very interesting but unpredictable place. Our participant would have been exposed to a more unorthodox view of life rather than a conservative or traditional view. This placement of Uranus, especially in the sign of Sagittarius points to an individual with extreme religious beliefs. Our participant's belief system could range from original and independent thinking to eccentric and rebellious thinking. The best way to determine the outcome of this planetary placement would be to have a one on one consult with the participant. I tend to think that his or her understanding of the way life was going was suspended during this time.

In any case a definite change in our participant's religious beliefs occurred between the ages of seven through fourteen years of age. Venus, the Sun in the eleventh house and in the sign of Aquarius will also be released during this phase of development indicating that our participant was experiencing enjoyable social interactions with his or her peers. No one does friends better than Aquarians and this most certainly looks like a time when our participant was exposed to a world of interesting people and making friends. However this period was not without it's challenges given the hard aspects of Uranus to the Moon, and the eleventh house Sun and Venus making a square to Pluto.

Pluto gets pulled into the mix well because Pluto squares our participant's Sun and Venus which makes me believe that our Aquarian must have learned how to make a lot of concessions in order to be accepted socially.

Uranus in such a serious opposition to the Moon in Gemini in the third house indicates that our participant will always be unable to hide his or her feelings. Since the Moon rules the fourth house it looks like out participant also experienced a change in his or her environment at this time indicating a possible change in residence. One thing is for sure our participant will never be able to tolerate being bored.

More tomorrow when we take a look at the ages from fourteen through twenty one.

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