Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturn in the Eighth: The Quintessential Money Manager

This is a continuation of the horoscope reading for our Aquarius participant born on January 22nd, 1986 at 10:31AM. I will be using The Munich Rhythm Theory Method of chart interpretation for this example.

The sign of Capricorn is on the cusp of the eleventh house which means that Saturn will be the ruling planet for the ages of fourteen through twenty one years of age. In this system of chart interpretation we go around the horoscope in a clockwise direction starting with the ascendant. Each house contains seven years of life. For the first seven years of our Aquarius's life Mars was the ruler of the ages from birth through seven years of age. The ages of seven through fourteen will be ruled by the planet Uranus because Aquarius is on the cusp of the twelfth house. The ages of fourteen through twenty one will be ruled by Saturn because Capricorn is on the cusp of the eleventh.

We must look at where Saturn is located in our participant's horoscope and it is located in the eighth house in the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius needs to express it's restraining and regulating nature freely openly and honestly and it's expression will operate in the areas of other people's money. Other people's money includes insurance, credit cards, loans, and inheritances. Saturn is a planet that teaches lessons and people with Saturn in the eighth house must learn to respect the world of economic lending and how karma plays a personal role for them. Additionally our participant's natal Mars is located in the eighth house and people with the ruler of the first in the eighth are not only attracted to tattoos, photography, and marriage, but they always seem to be able to get their hands on money whenever it's needed. I have seen over and over again that these are the people who were born with their hands in other people's pockets so to speak and make natural money managers.

We always feel less than an expert in the area of life where Saturn is located in our horoscope. Saturn by it's very nature always demands integrity. This means that we must follow Saturn's lead and respect the letter of the law. So in the case of our participant he or she will face the need to use restraint whenever receiving financial assistance. The nature of financial assistance can be as insignificant as borrowing a few dollars from a friend for bus fare or considerably larger like a college or home loan.

Saturn makes a sextile aspect to our participant's Sun and Venus in the eleventh house which would indicate that this period would be one where our participant would be less likely to be irresponsible with friends with regards to finances. Saturn in the eighth house is also notorious for striving to maintain control, but the the eighth house by it's very nature is all about releasing and letting go. This will certainly be a period full of lessons on how to be less resistant to the many ups and downs that life can bring.

Since Saturn will also rule the ages of twenty one through twenty eight and because Capricorn is also on the cusp of the the tenth house, our participant will continue to learn the lessons of Saturn until things change at the ages of twenty eight through thirty five when Jupiter begins to rule this period.

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