Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ruler of the First in the Eighth House

Our next participant was born on January 22nd, 1986 at 10:31AM. The location of birth has been omitted to ensure privacy.

Our participant is an Aries rising which means Mars will be the ruling planet for the first seven years of his or her life. Natal Mars is located in our participant's eighth house. The eighth house is located in the third quadrant where ideas and imagination come from.

Aries on the first house cusp indicates that our participant is striving to act or assert him or herself in a very intense and purposeful manner. Since Mars is in the third quadrant we can say that our participant was also born with an active imagination because the third quadrant also rules the imagination. Mars in the eighth house would make this person compelled or fixated on ideas and images. The kind of person with the ruler of the first in the eighth also is indicative of a person who finds it difficult to detach from people or things that he or she finds attractive.

Dobereiner says that commitments occur in the eighth house. The ruler of the first in the eighth house says that this person is attachment oriented. A child born with this configuration would have a difficult time being left alone because the yearning for a connection with someone is so strong. As I've said many times before the ruler of the first in the eighth is a classic placement for tattoo oriented people. People with this placement are also marriage and partnership oriented.

The first seven years of our participant's life is all about Mars in the eighth house. A child with this placement would have very intense attachment issues which could manifest as an attachment to a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. The parent on the receiving end of a child with Mars in Scorpio often finds that a good night's sleep will only be had in a shared bed. For a young child or infant with with planets in the eighth house the need to connect with another is so strong that if left alone the child often becomes overwhelmed with fear.

Babies and kids with this placement often get the reputation for being tyrants when all they really want is to be held in a parent's loving arms in order to assuage the fear of being alone.

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