Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Loaded Fifth House and Fourteen Years of Uranus

Continuing on with our participant born on December 22nd, 1970 at 5:33PM and moving on to the next seven years of life from the ages of twenty one through twenty eight years of age. The sign of Pisces is on the cusp of the tenth house which means that Neptune will be the ruler of this seven year period.

Neptune is located in the fifth house of our participant's horoscope. Neptune in the fifth house can manifest in several ways. Since the fifth house is all about fun, love and enjoyment Neptune can manifest as a love and appreciation for activities related to water. People with this placement often find great pleasure around oceans, lakes and pools. This placement also can also produce an urge to escape into romantic fantasys and pleasureable pursuits.

It is important to also remember that Neptune isn't necessarily a planet of action but acts more like an anesthetic causing a person to drift rather than to focus and be goal oriented. Sometime during this age period Jupiter, Venus and Mars will go into release because they are also located in the fifth house. However, because Neptune rules this period, whatever experiences our participant had during this time will be descriptive of Neptune.

I have found that people with loaded fifth houses are very motivated to do their own thing. We must remember that because the Sun is the natural ruler of this house it's not a stretch to assume that he or she might exercise a stubborn resistance to the suggestions of others at this time. Our participant will want to be left alone to express his or her own creativity. It would be very difficult for anyone during this period to influence him or her in any other direction than the one he or she wants to do. Because Neptune rules this period I am concerned that escapist behavior might have been a strong temptation around this time.

The cusp of the ninth house is Aquarius which will rule the next seven years of our participant's life from the ages of twenty eight through thirty five years of age and because the cusp of the eighth house also has Aquarius on it's cusp, the ages of thirty five through forty two years of age will also be ruled by Uranus. Uranus is located in the fourth house which would have the influence of change on our participants living arrangements. I'd be very interested to find out from our participant what fourteen years of Uranus was like.

Uranus in the fourth can manifest in a number of ways varying from personal emotional detachment to upsetting and changeable situations within the participant's home life. It is important to remind our participant that all the changes that manifest are due to a an early home life in which instability was the norm. This lifestyle is sort of like the life a musician must adapt to because his job takes him on the road.

I believe that because our participant has the Sun located in the sixth house it is relatively easy for him or her to roll with the punches a lot better than a more than a routine oriented individual.

More tomorrow on a new participant.

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