Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saturn: Our Inner Taskmaster

Our next participant was born on January 15, 1983 at 6:39AM when the sign of Capricorn was on the horizon.

As always in the Munich Rhythm Theory Method of chart interpretation we begin reading a chart starting with the ascendant going in a clockwise direction. Seven years are contained within each house. The ruler of the ascendant is Capricorn so the ages of seven through fourteen years of age will be ruled by the planet Saturn and the events that will be experienced by the participant will be described by the location of Saturn in the horoscope as well as the aspects to it.

The sign of Capricorn rising indicates that our participant is asserting his or her endowed nature to regulate, restrain and control. He or she will full fill this endowed nature for restraining and regulating through the Sun. The Sun is in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of authority. So it looks like our participant is a born authority and since the Sun is in the physical first quadrant it is safe to assume that our participant will embody the description of one who is in charge and recognized as an authority.

The beauty of this system is how easy it is to watch a person's life unfold. For instance we can see that because our participant has Capricorn rising, he or she was ruled by the planet Saturn for the first seven years of his or her life. Since Saturn is the ruler of this period we must look to Saturn and it's aspects. Saturn in the tenth house indicates that our participant probably had a good idea of what kind of career he or she wanted to engage in within the first seven years of life. Saturn also indicates that our participant was striving to restrain himself physically because of the square of Saturn to the Moon and Venus located in the physical first house.

The Moon in the first house indicates a person who was born with a sensitive nature and because the Moon is the ruler of the seventh house he or she would be particularly sensitive to the people surrounding him or her. However, because of the fact that the Moon and Venus are squared by our participant's Saturn it would appear that on some level our participant is made to somehow reject or regulate the emotions that he or she picks up from other people. People with the Moon in the first house are very sensitive and impressionable. Since the Moon rules the seventh house I would say that emotional encounters are definitely felt on a physical level and has the potential to manifest as a psychic ability.

Venus, the planet that rules the fifth house and located in the first indicates that our Capricorn was born with a natural talent as well as physical beauty but because of the square to Saturn was unsatisfied with it because of feelings of inadequacy.The square to Saturn makes me feel that our participant was self taught rather than taught by others because of his or her outstanding ability to discipline him/her self. These Saturn squares to both the Moon and Venus are always reminding the native that good is never good enough. Saturn hard aspects are always a constant reminder to a native to self correct.

Based on all these self regulatory aspects I believe that our Capricorn is his or her best inner critic.

More tomorrow.

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