Monday, March 1, 2010

Venus in the Third House: A Popular Venus

Today's blog is a continuation from last week.

In case any of you have forgotten, our participant was born on July 9, 1967 at 5:10AM EDT. Gemini is the rising sign, the Sun is in Cancer and the ruler of the tenth house is in the natal fifth house.

I assume that the strong Saturnian aspects in this chart indicates that our participant experienced boundaries and limitations during the formative years. He or she also experienced a healthy amount of rebelliousness mixed in with an innate ability to be able to maintain emotional control. Given the enormous amount of Mercury aspects to so many planets in this individuals chart I would assume him to be more intelligent than the average person.

Venus goes into release and rules the period from 7 through 14 years of age and now our participant experienced what it is like to have Venus in the third house. Certainly a nice placement for relationships with siblings as well as a nice placement for presenting oneself to others as an attractive person. This placement certainly helps to make a person popular. After all Venus in the third house is someone who has the ability to communicate in a pleasing and inviting way. Venus is at the disposal of the Sun because Venus can only behave in the way in which the landlord of the house allows, and in this case Venus will give communicate gracefully and beautifully through his physical body because the Sun is the ruler of the third house. I have never met this person but you can bet he or she has a beautiful physique. Dobereiner says, "The third house is what we put on display."

Now when our participant reaches 14 years of age the next seven years will be ruled by Mars because Mars rules the period from ages 14 through 21. Mars is located in the fifth house. Looks like this period was a lot of fun for our participant. Mars in Libra in the fifth house says, that this person was actively involved in encountering the idea of putting his Venus on display. I explained it thus because the sign of Libra is all about encountering ideas. Mars will act out the expression of encountering the idea of Venus in the third house because Mars is at the disposal of Venus. Venus in the third house says I am putting my beauty which is perfect and discriminating in it's expression.

Venus in the third house of our participant will make him or her feel an urgent desire to give a physical expression to his or her feelings by adapting them into a physical form that can be put on display.

Hum...I wonder. Are these feelings enough to give birth to a tattoo?

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