Thursday, February 25, 2010

Uranus and Boredom

So we can say that our Cancer participant, in early childhood would have been rather clingy and tenacious as is common with the Cancerian personality. In our example here it would have been especially pronounced because children, before the age of seven at least, are unable to regulate their behavior on their own. It takes a Saturn cycle of seven and a half years for a well adjusted child to finally learn what the word no means.

In a seven year period our Cancer participant will go through experiencing Saturn squaring the Sun and Mercury which will make him or her learn early in life that there are rules and parameters in life. Our Cancer will also experience a home life where maintaining extreme emotional control was learned. And just in case you might think our subject a total nerd natal Uranus squaring the ascendant which is notorious for causing restlessness unless properly channeled makes our Cancer pleasantly unique like a imperfect nose on an otherwise perfect face.

Pluto and Uranus sextiles our Cancer's Sun and tells us that no matter how emotional he or she is the emotions will never get the better of him or her. Since Uranus is the ruler of the 9th house of understanding on some level our Cancer understands how he or she might be guilty of alienating others.

It is interesting to note here that people with a strong Uranus always complain of being bored if made to conform to a rigid lifestyle, although for a Uranian type almost any lifestyle other than skydiving or lion taming would be considered rigid. I can hear the echoing complaint of my Aries son as a child, complaining "I'm bored" throughout his entire childhood and who just happens to have Uranus on his ascendant in a very serious T-Square. It is also interesting that people prior to getting tattooed are often considerably bored with their circumstances. The excitement and anticipation of the tattoo ritual is more than enough to dispel a predictable and hum drum existence. I am sure that a potent Uranus transit would be the perfect propellant needed deliver a person straight on the doorstep of a tattoo parlour. Now how would an astrologer from the hippie generation, have been able to predict such a trend?

Due to other business that must be attended to I shall continue this treatise on Monday Please have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back working in a clockwise direction as usual.

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Joanna said...

I'm not sure what my Uranus T's, squares or sextiles - all I'm sure is that I am an Aries rising and as a child I recall ALWAYS being bored!!! My sagittarius grandmother would lose patience with me and would not allow me to mumble the "I'm bored....GRANDMA....what's there to do at your house"! What a great lady:)