Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ugh! Astrology Calculations

I apologize for not being here yesterday but urgent business called me away from the horoscope interpretations I was doing for all you nice folks.

I'm sure the technique I am using is not easy to follow especially since I have been unable to find a way to publish my chart examples which would certainly make things a lot easier. In the meantime we will have to make do as usual but I think its time to share a formula with you that will help you to calculate the age of when a release will occur. I will continue to use the horoscope if our Cancer with Gemini rising, so I have decided to take a look and see when Mars will go into release because in this chart it is so easy to see.

By now it should be understood that in this system we always go around the horoscope circle starting from the ascendant in a clockwise direction. The first seven years of life will be contained within the twelfth house starting from the ascendant. Because this individual is a Gemini rising, Mercury rules the first house which means that Mercury will be the ruling planet for the first seven years of this persons life.

To find which planet will rule the ages from seven to fourteen years of age we now have to go to the cusp of the twelfth house. This house contains the ages from seven through fourteen and because Taurus is on the cusp of this house it means that this period will be ruled by Venus.

To find which planet will rule the ages from fourteen through twenty one we go in a clockwise direction to the cusp of the eleventh house which has Aries on the cusp. This means that this person will be ruled by Mars from ages fourteen through twenty one. The individual will experience what it is like to have Mars in the fifth house as well as all the aspects that Mars makes in his or her horoscope for the next seven years.

I would suggest purchasing a really affordable Casio fx-250HC calculator to make working with hours minutes and seconds a lot easier.

Exactly when Mars will go into release can be calculated quite easily. First you must look to see how many degrees are contained within the house where Mars is located. Then you must take the number of degrees and divide it by seven. That will tell you how many degrees correspond to one year.

So let's look at our Cancer's chart:
Aries is on the cusp of the eleventh and we have established that Mars is the ruler of the ages between fourteen and twenty one. When will Mars go into release and manifest as an experience? Mars is located in the fifth house of our participants chart. Libra is on the cusp of the fifth and Scorpio is on the cusp of the sixth. The fifth house therefore contains exactly 36 degrees and 14 minutes. 36 degrees and 14 minutes divided by seven years equals 5 degrees 10 minutes and 34.29 seconds.

Next measure the distance between Mars and the cusp of the sixth house moving clockwise and divide the difference in degrees by the value of one year in degrees and the result will tell us the year that Mars was released.

So the distance of Mars to the cusp of the sixth house is 27 degrees and 12 minutes. 27 degrees divided by 5 degrees 10 minutes and 34.29 seconds equal 5 degrees 15 minutes and 17.39 seconds. This is equal to 5 and a quarter years.

So this means that five years after the age of 14 our participant will be nineteen years of age when the planet Mars goes into release our participant will be really enjoying life because of it's location in the natal fifth house.

In order to find when any planet will go into a release just follow the same simple formula. Simply look to the house cusp's ruling sign, find the planetary ruler and where it is located and use the formula as explained above.

Phew! I'm glad all that calculation business is finished. From now on I will no longer be reviewing how this system works. The archives contain more than enough information on it if anyone needs more help. Tomorrow I will finish the interpretation of Cancer's horoscope and on Friday will move on to the next person.

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