Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ruler of the Seventh in the Second

It is now time to finish the horoscope interpretation for our Cancer participant born on July 9th, 1967 at 5:10AM EDT. As usual I will refrain from exposing the location in order to maintain anonymity.

I am quickly scanning the horoscope in order to find out what planet will be ruling this person who will be forty three years old in July. Because Jupiter will be ruling the age span from forty two through forty nine years old and since Jupiter rules the seventh house and is located in the second house in a conjunction with the Moon which rules financial as well as the physical matters here are some possible manifestations:
  1. Encountering more people than usual and being more open to the advances of others.
  2. Feeling the need to protect one's finances.
  3. Open to marriage and sharing one's life with another.
  4. Unwanted weight gain.
  5. Protection from physical harm.
Since the Moon and Jupiter are also in a trine aspect to Saturn in the tenth he or she could expect some career achievement from this configuration. Saturn also rules this person's eighth house which means that shared financial matters are brought into the picture. The eighth house ruler in the tenth house could also be an indication that the money of a partner will play an important role in this person's destiny. People with Saturn in the tenth are known for being traditional and want to be respected by conforming to society's standards. This period in time looks more and more like marriage is right around the corner especially since our participant will be very open to sharing his or her assets. In Dobereiner's system, for a real marriage to take place the second house must be involved.

Nothing says "Your hands are in my pocket" better than the ruler of the seventh in the second and nothing says "My assets are there for all the world to see" better than the ruler of the eighth in the tenth.

Is that ringing in my ears wedding bells?

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