Friday, March 5, 2010

Aquarius Rising

The location of birth has been intentionally omitted for the next participant born with Aquarius rising on October 19th, 1976 at 3:08PM CDT.

Our adventurous participant was born with a Libra Sun, Aquarius rising and a Scorpio Midheaven. I will take the time to mention as I always do that I am using Dobereiner's method of chart interpretation and am going around the horoscope in a clockwise direction.

Aquarius rising means that the first seven years of his or her life were ruled by the planet Uranus. So it is safe to say that this individual will have experienced early in life what it was like to have Uranus in the eighth house. Uranus, the planet that always needs to experience change has to do it in an intensely and concentrated manner because Uranus is in the sign of Scorpio. This period would have been stressful and full of uncertainty especially for a child so young.

In case I forgot to mention this, a person's imagination lies in the third quadrant so with Uranus in a conjunction to Mars it looks like our participant was born with an amazingly active one. Since Uranus is all about changing things, elevating things and suspending things we could expect that continuity was definitely lacking in the formative years. Uranus releases especially at such an early age can often be found in people who experienced some kind of traumatic incident resulting in the inability for real intimacy.

I would suspect that this kind of planetary set up in a child so young may have been the cause of many fears. For instance Scorpios by nature fear being abandoned, which stems from the fact that Scorpio rules the house of death. Scorpios can relate to the idea that nothing will last forever but they don't necessarily have to like it especially when their ruling planet is Pluto, the planet most likely to control the world and everyone in it. So basically they wind up controlling everybody around them because they think that by doing so they won't lose the people they love or who are important to them in some way.

The fact that our participant has such a strong eighth house means that the potential for being attracted to images exists to a very strong degree. All eighth house planets bring will carry a compulsive energy. My theory about people with strong eighth house placements and tattoos really works here.

Uranus ruling the first seven years of this child's life says that there was some kind of separation that occurred that made a deep impression on him or her. By the time the child is seven years old things take on a more somber tone when Saturn goes into release because Capricorn is on the twelfth house cusp and the our participant now begins to experience what it is like to have Saturn in the seventh house. The years from seven through fourteen will be more structured and demanding in contrast to the previous seven year period ruled by unpredictable Uranus.

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