Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturn in the Seventh House

Further on the October 19th, 1976 horoscope of our Libra participant. A release of Saturn in the seventh house although sometimes unpleasant and restrictive will help to balance the prior seven year period of life where unpredictability was the norm.

The people that our participant encountered during these early years would have been hard taskmasters demanding that all schedules and rules and regulations be adhered to. The concept of right and wrong would be as obvious as the nose on all the faces of the people surrounding him at this time of life.

Wherever Saturn is located in a person's chart is where that individual will feel inadequate or lacking in some way. The experience of Saturn in the seventh house can make a person feel shy and anxious around others for fear of being judged. Since Saturn represents timetables, clocks and authority figures this placement over time has the potential to make an individual choose an older marriage partner who will fulfill the necessary discipline and attention to scheduling that may be lacking within him or herself. People with this placement will complain of a demanding partner when in reality he himself is the person in need of discipline and unable to do it himself will transfer the job onto another resulting in the partner inheriting the role by default. Of course if everyone with Saturn in the seventh house looked at it this way I think there would be a lot less miserable unions.

Since the Sun is the landlord of the seventh house Saturn will only be able to behave the way in which the Sun allows. So the discipline and regulation that our participant encounters can only operate in an accommodating, fair and justified manner. So it appears that our participant almost invites or needs others in order to discipline himself. Any complaining about this would be due to the Moon in Virgo in the seventh house. A Virgo Moon can be a notorious complainer and the square to Neptune can also make this person a super perfectionist. Since the Moon is the ruler of the sixth house I think the need for perfection comes from the result of the work that he does in order to accommodate others needs. I also think that our Libra is very persuasive and actually knows how to manipulate others in order to get the right results.

Because the Moon is also located in the seventh house the Moon it will also go into release after the release of Saturn during the same seven year period. The Moon in the seventh house can make a person very sensitive to the moods of people around him. This is a person who can pick up the feelings of others. For a young child this can be a difficult set up to say the least but for a mature adult this aspect can be an excellent placement for a person who is in a customer oriented career because he will be able to envision exactly what a client has in mind. A child on the other hand would need years to develop the thick skin required to soften the many blows life manages to deliver.

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