Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jupiter Opposite Venus: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Continuing with the horoscope of our Libra participant born October 19th, 1976 at 3:08pm I will proceed to the cusp of the eleventh house which in Dobereiner's system refers the the ages from fourteen through twenty one. Since Sagittarius is the sign on the cusp of the eleventh house of our participant's horoscope this means that Jupiter will be the ruling planet for this age period.

Instead of the somber and restrictive prior seven years this period will be more expansive. Not only do we have to look at what house Jupiter is in we also have to look at all the aspects that Jupiter makes. Jupiter is located in the third house. Yes, we all know the third house is the house of communications but put in the words of Dobereiner, "the third house is what we put on display."

Our participant will be be more talkative now and it is also possible that he could have experienced weight gain during this time because Jupiter is located in the physical quadrant. Jupiter is also in Taurus, another physical indicator. Jupiter is in an opposition to Venus. This looks like a period of overindulging. Venus is in the sign of Scorpio in the ninth house. The ninth house is in the third quadrant. The third quadrant is all about ideas and the fact that the ninth house rules understanding and oppositions are indicative of awareness it would be safe to say that during this period our participant would have become more aware of the beauty of the world around him. We can expect the Jupiter's influence will be very apparent for a period of fourteen years because Jupiter also rules the period of life from ages from twenty twenty one through twenty eight. Jupiter in opposition to Venus in houses three and nine would have made our Libra aware of a new appetite for life.

I forgot to mention that sometime during the ages of fourteen through twenty one and because Neptune is located in the tenth house in square to the Moon it too will go into release causing some confusion and disappointment in relationships. The result of this experience would have had to be expressed in some way. Given the fact that Neptune was involved and Jupiter is disposed by Venus in the eighth house I suspect the expression would have been imaginative and artistic. After all the tenth house does contain imaginative and poetic Neptune. Neptune does come from the first house because of the interception of Pisces in the first. So our Libra's urge for spiritual understanding is something he is recognized for. Of course there is always the possibility of the lower form of a planet's nature to manifest so this period could bring about unhealthy escapist activities as well.

The fact remains that because the ruler of this period is Jupiter which is located in the third house none of his indulgences will remain secret. Looks like our Libra will by now have gained a reputation for being an indulgent personality.

To be continued...

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