Monday, March 29, 2010

The Form Your Ideas Take Happen in the Second Quadrant

Now back to our Libra participant who was born October 17, 1968 at 11:29AM.

Scorpio is on the cusp of the eleventh house which means that the ages from fourteen through twenty one will be ruled by the planet Pluto. Since Pluto is also the ruler of the twelfth house we can say that this is an encore performance by Pluto because prior to this period he ruled the ages of seven through fourteen years of age.

Our Libra again experiences an attachment to an early ideology where the world was experienced as a very exciting, and powerful place and where where his or her belief system was about fighting for what one believed in and adapting those beliefs into his or her profession.

Uranus only five minutes from the the cusp of the ninth house in the sign of Libra, makes me feel like our participant's belief system will be subject to changes from time to time during his or her life because Uranus is all about liberation. The liberation will come from being being exposed to progressive thoughts. In as much as our participant appears to have a strong belief system with that big stellium in Virgo, the fact that all of the ninth house planets are disposed of by the Sun in indecisive Libra makes me think that our Libra can often be guilty of sitting on the fence much of the time despite the intensity of those beliefs. Decisive Libra's are known for being fair and just and can often be found sitting on the bench in a court of law.

The Sun in the tenth house says that our participant will be known for encountering the results of his or her beliefs in his or her choice of career which will result in a spiritual expression because the ruler of the tenth is in the twelfth. Since Venus which rules the tenth is in the committed sign of Scorpio and is conjunct Neptune the participant's career will result in a spiritual commitment to it.

Saturn is in the fourth house. The fourth house is in the second quadrant. The second quadrant will give form and expression to the ideas that are encountered in the third quadrant. In other words. If ideas come from being exposed to the environment which happens in the third quadrant it means that whatever an individual encounters as an idea out in the world, the form that idea takes will be expressed by the nature of the planet in the second quadrant.

Since Saturn is in the second quadrant the nature of that idea will be restrained, structured, regulated and considered conforming rather than extreme or nonconforming. Saturn in the fourth house also says that this individual has emotional restraint because the fourth house is an emotional house in an emotional quadrant. Saturn's emotional nature is reserved. Saturn is also in the sign of Aries which says that Saturn will behave in an actively restrained manner. And since Saturn can only behave in the way in which the ruler allows it looks like this person's emotions are dependent upon what he or she believes in and will follow them to the letter because the ruler of the fourth house is in the ninth.

Kinda looks like Judge Judy born 10/21/1942.

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