Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Communication Problems: Saturn Opposite Mercury

A continuation of the chart reading for our participant born October 17, 1968 at 11:29AM

Venus will rule the ages from twenty one through twenty eight years of age. Venus rules the tenth house of our participant's chart and it is located in the twelfth house. It is during this time of life that our participant would encounter what it means to have Venus conjunct Neptune in the twelfth house. Now is a time when our participant would have encountered his or her fate. This period could have been a very disappointing and lonely time for our participant. Venus conjunct Neptune seeks perfection and an escape from ordinary earthy romance preferring a union based not on reality but on fantasy.

Venus and Neptune in the twelfth house is not an easy aspect to manage especially if the person with it is a social person such as our Libra participant here. Venus in the twelfth will not conform in a social way but instead it will strive to be more antisocial in it's behavior by resisting attention. Normally Venus's nature is to socialize with others but when put in the twelfth house her sociability can dissolve into a private world of loneliness an isolation. It has been my experience that people with this aspect often find themselves in a secret love affair which leaves the native totally unfulfilled.

On the positive side of this aspect our participant would have grasped what it means to sacrifice and then to experience the real meaning of spirituality. Since the ruler of the tenth is in the twelfth house our participant's career is striving for a spiritual expression. Because of the heavy ninth house and Jupiter's influence religious beliefs look to have played a big part in our participant's life. When I look at the ruler of the tenth in the twelfth it conjures up images of a person living the life of a person in a religious order.

Ages twenty eight through thirty five are ruled by the Sun because Leo is on the cusp of the ninth house. The Sun is located in the tenth house and it looks like our participant will no longer be quietly living behind the scenes but will now be enjoying a place of honor in the tenth house and gaining recognition for his or her beliefs.

Regarding the subject of ink. I don't think it would be a stretch to expect that our Libra would be attracted to tattoos because of the abundance of planets in our participant's third quadrant where ideas and images abound. My guess is that the fascination for tattoos actually developed for our participant at a young age but didn't actually get one till after the age of twenty one.

Continuing in a clockwise direction the ages forty two through forty nine will be ruled by the planet Mercury because Gemini is on the seventh house cusp. Mercury is located in the tenth house cusp and is also the ruler of the seventh house. Mercury will rule this period and because Mercury rules the seventh house and is located in the tenth talks about marriage should be definitely going on. The opposition of Saturn to Mercury must be taken into consideration here.

Will a marriage take place? Or does this signify a problem within an existing marriage? When our participant was between the ages of twenty one through twenty eight and because Virgo was intercepted in the ninth house our participant experienced a similar situation regarding marriage.

I apologize for not mentioning interceptions before but my intention here was to keep things simple. Suffice it to say that interceptions result in an additional planet also going into a release and also ruling the period but at a very specific time. This can be determined using simple math calculations that I will refrain from displaying now.

So based on this additional information our participant will have a repeat of a Mercury ruled period and included in that Mercury experience will be the experience of Mercury opposite Saturn which he or she had between the ages of twenty one and twenty eight and is going to have again between the ages of forty two and forty nine.

Based on Mercury's opposition to Saturn problems in communication can be the result of narrow mindedness especially with regard to finances. Saturn ruling the second house means that finances have the potential to cause problems unless both parties approach money matters in a responsible and mature manner. This participant would be well advised to lay all the financial cards on the table before taking the plunge.

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