Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Correction and Explanation

Regarding my last post please read:
"Because Venus and Jupiter are located in the twelfth house these two planets will be pulled into release somewhere during birth and seven years of age." This sentence is wrong and I shall try to be more clear about it in the paragraphs below:

Because Venus and Neptune are located in the twelfth house and form a sextile aspect to the Jupiter Pluto conjunction in the ninth house we must consider what kind of effect this would have had on the participant during this age period as well. However, right now in order to keep things simple for this part of the interpretation I am only taking a look at the position of Jupiter and Pluto in the ninth house." Later on I will talk about how Venus and Neptune are pulled into the equation because of this sextile aspect. In any case, since this period is ruled by Jupiter he rules. This entire period will be all about what our participants understanding is of the images and ideas that are being brought into his or her environment.

The results of these perceptions will serve to form an understanding of his or her world. The ninth house is all about our belief system which is formed by our understanding of our personal experiences. Jupiter is all about expansion so we can say that our participant was in an environment filled with very specific opinions and philosophies. Because of Jupiter's influence the opinions and philosophies our participant was exposed to look to have been about morals and ethics of a very specific and specialized kind because of being in the sign of Virgo.

Sorry Mara hope this helps!


Mara said...

Patricia, thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. This method of interpretation is enthralling, it is a pleasure to learn!


My pleasure. Thank you again for your appreciation.