Monday, March 22, 2010

Virgo Stellium in the Ninth House

The next participant was born on October 17, 1968 at 11:29AM when the Sun was in the sign of Libra and Sagittarius was rising. The midheaven is one degree and fifteen minutes of Libra.

Since the first seven years of life is contained within the twelfth house the ruler of those seven years will be ruled by the planet Jupiter. Our participant will experience what it means to have Jupiter in the ninth house as well as all the aspects it makes in the horoscope.

Jupiter is located in the ninth house and is conjunct Pluto and Mars is also making an applying conjunction to these two planets. I would consider Jupiter and Pluto to be too far away from the ascendant to form a square however. Mars at 16 degrees of Virgo is making an applying aspect to the ascendant. Because Venus and Jupiter are located in the twelfth house these two planets will be pulled into release somewhere during birth and seven years of age.

In order to keep things simple and to avoid confusion I ask readers to concern themselves with Jupiter aspects only right now. Sagittarius is rising so we can say that our participant was born with a proclivity for opening up to the world of ideas which will broaden his or her philosphical outlook on life. Since Jupiter is in the sign of adaptable and analytical Virgo our participant would have tend to analyze and study philosophies before accepting them at face value. The need to roam goes part and parcel with our participants personality.

Remember this system is about observing the development of a personality via the planetary releases and so far this chart looks like a person who is interested in mental and educational pursuits. Also because Jupiter is located in the ninth house we can say that at a very early age our participant would have found him or herself in a world filled with strong idealistic beliefs . Besides the placement of Jupiter, Pluto as well as Mars and the Moon are located here in the mental quadrant.

Since the endowed nature which is Jupiter makes our participant strive for understanding the world around him or her, the way in which this need for understanding will be fulfilled must be be executed by the Sun which is located in the tenth house. So we have a person who must learn about the world around him and will fulfill this need through being recognized for his or her philosophy. In order to find out where this all winds up, it can be found by looking at the ruler of the tenth house which in this case is Venus. The nature of Venus is beautiful peaceful and harmonious. Since Venus is located in the twelfth house the urge to be recognized for intellectual pursuits results in a beautiful spiritual or selfless expression. Since Venus is ruler of the tenth house and is located in Scorpio in the twelfth house our participants calling will result in spiritual attachment to it.

In any case our participant was born into an environment where critical thinking was the norm. Since Pluto is the sign on the cusp of the twelfth house Pluto will be the ruler of the ages from seven through fourteen. Our participant now has developed and attachment to those early beliefs which have become firmly ingrained as an ideal.

I will have to bid you adieu for the time being as my work requires my presence out of town. I will be back next week with our Libra's horoscope.

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Mara said...

Hi, Patricia. On the third paragraph you said that Jupiter is located in the 9th house, but on this same paragraph you said that Venus and Jupiter are located in the 12th house... Could you clarify, please?


Embarasing...Thanks! So sorry I am on the road right now but will get back to you asap tomorrow with correction and explanation
So sorry....looks like working late at night was not a good idea.

Mara said...

Patricia, don't worry! Pluto in Cap and Saturn in Libra are playing with all of us... I only have commented because I am following your posts with great interest! :o)


Also embarrassing that I misspelled embarrassing!

hotrod-burton said...

Hi Pat I was born on oct 20 1968 at 1240 am,Nyc.Can you tell me about the three planet stellum that Ihave in Thank you


Your chart pattern is in the shape of a fan. It is said that a person with a fan pattern chart has the ability to make use of what others have to offer.

Most of your planets are located in the northern part of your chart indicating a rather introverted nature. But Saturn in the third quadrant says that in spite of your introverted tendencies it is through the environment at large where your imagination gets fed enabling you to bring your ideas out into the world.

When three or more planets are in the same sign they have similar natures. Kind of like triplet siblings with the same DNA. In your case you have three Virgo siblings with very analytical natures, then three Libra siblings with very accommodating natures and then a couple of twins in Scorpio with intense natures. These different natures work together to form the personality that is who you are.

I have given you a very limited answer to your question. As you know astrology is a complex subject that requires more than one simple answer but I hope I was able to shed a little light on your concern.

Unknown said...

Hello! I am curious about what it would be for me bein born Oct 23 1967. Thank you :)