Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gemini Rising, Sun in Cancer

The next participant was born on July 9th, 1967 at 5:10 AM EDT. He or she was born when Gemini was rising. The Sun was in the sign of Cancer and the Moon was in the sign of Leo. The ruler of the 10th house which will show us where all this winds up is Neptune which is in the fifth house.

Gemini rising is striving to communicate something. What he or she is trying to communicate will be indicated by Mercury in the sign of Cancer. So it looks like this person is trying to communicate his or her feelings and will assert his or her emotions physically because Mercury and the Sun are both in the first house. So this person will express all his astrological aspects as a Cancer. He will appear to be a person who is nurturing, protective tenacious and sometimes moody. He will not talk about his feelings but he will rather embody what he is feeling.

The ruler of the tenth is Neptune which indicates that the nature of where this all winds up is in some manner spiritual or aesthetic. Neptune in the fifth tells us where his career will wind up. And it will wind up in as a creative expression. Since the fifth house is the house where the emotions take on a form we can expect that this person is giving physical expression to his feelings and those feelings are poetic, mystical and spiritual in form. This person uses the physical body to express spiritual things. Perhaps this person is a dancer. At the very least he or she is compelled to express his or her spiritual attachment in the form of a creative expression because Neptune is in the very attachment oriented sign of Scorpio.

Let's take a look at the unfolding of our Cancer's planetary releases. The first seven years of this person's life is ruled by Mercury because Gemini is the rising sign of this chart. Mercury in the first house tells us that what is being communicated is given physical expression as feelings because Mercury is in Cancer. So for the first seven years of this individuals life he or she will experience what it is like to have Mercury conjunct the Sun including all the aspects it makes in the horoscope. In this case there of many aspects that are experienced by this person in his or her young life. Not only is the Sun and Mercury making a separating square to Saturn but the Sun Mercury conjunction makes a sextile to a Pluto Uranus conjunction as well as a trine to Neptune in Scorpio. Additionally Mars is pulled into the picture because of the wide separating square to Mercury.

Phew! This is almost too much astrology to take in one evening so I will bid you adieu until tomorrow.

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