Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Tenth House - Where Everything Winds Up

I forgot to mention that although my participants were attracted to my site because of the subject matter I do realize that each participant is more than their ink and each one is more than likely a productive member of society working in any number of possible career categories. These career categories can also be derived through a thorough chart interpretation, however what I am searching for in the horoscope patterns of each of these participants are not career indicators but rather personality indicators of people who would readily submit to being tattooed. So my interpretations are more psychologically based rather than career based. With that said I shall continue on with the final and last quadrant which is the fourth quadrant.

I will reiterate here that our Aries participant is a Cancer rising, and has a Moon in Taurus. When looking at the fourth quadrant it is important to look at the ruler of the tenth house and where it is located in the horoscope because the final outcome representing the individual's career and reputation will be indicated by the planet ruling the tenth.

I will follow Dobereiner's lead here with the following steps:
1. Ruler of the Ascendant - What is striving for expression? -
2. The Sun - How will it be brought to fulfillment?
3. The Ruler of the 10th and it's location - What is the final outcome about?

My Aries friend is striving for emotional expression because he/she is a Cancer rising. The emotions of this individual as indicated by the Moon in the 10th house indicate that he/she is striving for recognition and will fulfill this urge through 9th house activities, such as education, law, or other lofty mental pursuits. Where all this winds up is in the 10th house because the ruler of the 10th is in the 10th. So our participant here is recognized for Mars in the 10th. Standing up or fighting for what he/she believes in.

The ruler of the 9th house is Neptune so the belief system of our pioneering Aries has a spiritual flavor to it. Neptune is squaring the ascendant and descendant so it looks as if his/her beliefs might be difficult for others to understand even to the point of feeling alienated within his/her own family.

To be continued......


Mara said...

Hi, Patricia. I found this method quite interesting, but I've got a little confused. Let's say, if this person had Cancer Ascendant, Aries Sun and MC, Taurus Moon in 10th but Mars in Cancer in 1st.. what would be the final result? It would all come back to expressing himself emotionally? Could you clarify it to me, please? Thank you!


So this with a Cancer rising is striving to express himself emotionally in his career and naturally since the Moon is in the 10th house his career it means a lot to him on this level. As there are always two sides to everything, on one hand he has a reputation for being stubborn and unwilling to bend and on the other hand he will have a reputation for being a person who follows through in a nurturing and substantive way. This person is a sensitive person sort of like a therapist is or even an actor... You see the final outcome says that this person has to act out his emotions in a physical way. Mars ruler of the 10th house says that the final outcome is acted out by the person himself. He will embody, represent or typify exactly what his career is by doing it.
Hope this helps. Of course it always helps to be able to speak to the person.


Pardon my typo's as I'm under a deadline right now.

Mara said...

Patricia, thank you very much for taking the time to answer me.