Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Emotions and the Second Quadrant

I will now continue with the interpretation for my Aries participant who was born March 26, 1955. He or she is a Cancer rising and has a Moon in Taurus. This is all the information I will provide and if it is your chart you will know it. The rest of my readers will have to pay close attention as best they can.

If you have been following my blog you should now be familiar with the way Dobereiner looks at the quadrants. Yesterday I finished looking at the third quadrant, the quadrant where we can find the contents of the imagination and the first quadrant which represents the physicality of a person.


To use Dobereiner's words "In order to make what I've said about the quadrants more understandable, I'd like to give you another metaphorical example, a comparison based on the annual cycle of a tree."
  1. Look at the first quadrant and say "This is the tree which grows in the space that is available to it." This is the physical quadrant.
  2. Look at the opposite third quadrant and say "A fertilization takes place through an encounter withan outside influence - such as the wind." This is the quadrant where the imagination dwells.
  3. Next look at the second quadrant and say, "The fruit is not a part of the growth of the tree itself; the fruit grows on the tree and become independent of it." This is why people with a heavy fifth house influence must do their own thing.
  4. Now look to the opposite eleventh house and say, "In the fruit, which has become independent and separate from the tree can be seen the purpose and significance of the developmental process." This quadrant signifies what has been attained through the experiencing the whole developmental process.
We are now led to the emotional second quadrant of our Aries participant because the contents of his or her imagination will begin the process of manifesting in this quadrant. Neptune is in the fourth house and is making our Aries sense urge or impulse...through his or her bring something into being. Something that was imagined in the third quadrant. Something beautiful signified by Venus which is the ruling planet of the fourth house of this horoscope situated in the eighth house.

Saturn in the fifth house indicates that the imaginative ideas will take on a structured form. The fifth house is the house of fun, games and creativity. So Saturn will enjoy expressing itself with authority, seriously, and with a sense of attachment and commitment. Now, since Saturn can only behave in the way in which it's ruler allows we have to look at the ruler of the Scorpio which is Pluto. Pluto is located in the first house so we can safely say that the form that is created must be a physical one because Pluto is in the second house. A perfect description of how a tattoo begins. It begins first as an idea and then that idea or image attaches itself to the imagination and then the decision is made to attach that image on the body in the form of a tattoo.

To be continued...


Nude Provocateuse by The_Betty said...

I picked up the link to your blog on linked in. This is good reading. I like your use of Wolfgang Dobereiner. Very effective. I hope you don't mind that I added your link to my sight.


More than happy you appreciate him.
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I'll be happy to do the same.