Monday, February 15, 2010

Security in the First Quadrant - Imagination in the Third Quadrant

As I continue with the horoscope interpretation for my anonymous Aries I will be using some Dobereiner interpretive techniques as well as the classic interpretations that are so familiar to every astrology student.

If you did not read the instructions for Dobereiner's interpretive techniques back in December, I suggest searching through my archives for the blog titled, Time And The Zodiac dated 12/16/09 which will assist anyone who is interested in learning it.

I would like to focus on the quadrant emphasis of the Aries chart. The first quadrant contains Pluto in the second house. The second house is the house of security, safety, money and it is also a house that is representative of the physical body. Pluto in the second house is indicative of a person who needs to be in control of his or her finances as well as his or her physical body. This is based on the fact that the second house rules the cellular structure of the body. Pluto's nature is extraordinarally idealistic and one pointed boardering on obsessive. So we can expect this person to be somewhat compulsive in establishing physical boundaries especially where property and money is concerned. Pluto in the second house tends to make a person use money as a way to control which stems from a compulsive need to be secure. These are the people that may resort to bribing others with cash to keep them from leaving them.

Now we can take a look at the opposite quadrant. There are three planets in the third quadrant. We have Venus and Mercury in the eighth house and the Sun in the ninth house.
Since the third quadrant is the mental quadrant and the quadrant where ideas come from it looks like this person has the potential to get too attached mentally to others. The affections are expressing themselves in a detached but compulsive way because Venus is in the cool and detached sign of Aquarius, but because this cool Venus is dwelling in the eighth house it carries with it a compulsive Plutonian influence. It behaves similarly to having dinner with a person who casually but continuously eats the food off of your plate while talking about the weather.

Our Aries also has Mercury in the eighth house, but instead of in the cool and detached sign of Aquarius it is in the impressionable and poetic sign of Pisces. Any planet in the eighth house will behave in a compulsive, attached and committed manner. Mercury in this location will give the person an ability to see beneath the surface of things. Mercury in the eighth house makes a person curious about the underbelly of things and because the eighth house is where images come from this person is probably quite impressionable and probably psychic. In any case he or she would be easily seduced by images. This person could very easily imagine a tattoo with his or her name on it.

Considering the fact that this person is an Aries it's a pretty good guess that the tattoo would not simply remain and idea, but would most likely act on it, especially since the Sun in Aries is located in the ninth house. Perhaps the image chosen would have some religious or philosophical significance. The ninth house is also the house of understanding so the idea of the image will be acted on as a means of making himself or herself understood.

To be continued...

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