Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturn opposite Mars and Overcoming Obstacles

The following chart will be an interesting mix of obstacles to be overcome and how to find the planets to help you do it. Unfortunately I have been called out of town and will have to take leave until after February 14th before these solutions can be provided. In the meantime I will leave you with a partial outline of an individual's life.

The interpretations outlined are an introduction into the personality of a person I do not know but who has provided me with the necessary birth data so please come back for a continuation of this blog after the 14th as there is much more detailed information that I would like to include. So until I get back I hope this will keep you occupado.

For my first chart I will begin with an individual born with a Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus and Cancer rising. A Cancer rising individual is driven by the need to express his emotions and feelings. Cancer rising people are natural nurturers, are sensitive, and like Cancer Sun individuals will be given to mood swings from time to time. So I would suspect this person to freely express or exert his protective side as well as a connectedness to the family. Exactly where it is expressed is determined by the location of the Moon.

Since the Moon is the ruler of this person's chart and is located in the 10th house and in an earth sign. We can safely say that this person is recognized for his emotional nature which will be expressed in a physical way because the Moon is in the physical sign of Taurus. So in this case the Moon indicating moods and feelings are in a prominent position resulting in making him recognized or possibly even famous for them.

The Sun in the chart will represent how a person will fulfill the task indicated by his rising sign. Since this person has a task of giving expression to his emotions he will fulfill the task by making himself understood, because his Sun is located in the 9th house of understanding.

At this juncture Dobereiner says to ask ourselves "where all this winds up" or what will be the final outcome as indicated by the ruler of the 10th house. The ruler of the 10th house is Mars and it is also located in the 10th house of one's reputation making a conjunction to the Moon.

So essentially we have a person who is known for acting like someone who is striving for emotional understanding. Let's take a look at his Moon which is applying to Mars in the tenth house. This person would be recognized for being pretty tough emotionally and would be able to exert a protective maternal or paternal stance in his career depending on his or her gender of course. Since his Sun is in the 9th house the best area through which he could satisfy his configuration might be in a legal profession or in some instructive capacity.

Let's take a look at the release dates of his planets to get an idea of his developmental stages. Since he is an Cancer Rising and the Moon was the ruler of this period it means that from the ages of birth through 7 years of age he experienced what it was like to have a Moon Mars conjunction in opposition to Saturn in the fifth house. This configuration looks like very difficult circumstances to be born into. I would say that as a child he would have experienced tremendous emotional restraints put on him through his encounters with others. In any case it didn't look like too much fun.

Now Uranus and Jupiter also get released during this time because we must also included the planets contained within the the twelfth house which are released during the first seven years of this person's life. Jupiter and Uranus represents fortunate changes. These two planets located in the 12th house seem to indicate that during these early years he would have also felt more free and independent when left alone.

During the years of 7 to 14 he would become more open to the world around him. He would become very curious and want to investigate unseen worlds. Perhaps even communicate with spirits who have passed over to the other side. This is a time when he would be open to ideas and images along with the potential for compulsive attachments.

A time of emotional pain for this individual would have occurred between the ages of 14 to 21 because this was the time that Venus ruler of the 11th and 4th house was in release. Venus was the ruler of this period and being in opposition to Pluto in the second house one would expect a loss of great significance around that time Mars, Pluto and Saturn are pulled into the picture because of his great T-square indicating a truly sad and unforgettable period for him.

To be continued.....

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