Friday, February 5, 2010

Six Signs of the Zodiac and Tattoos Too

As much as this is embarrassing to confess, the number of people interested in the results of my tattoo project only reached single digit status. I was anticipating a much higher number considering the impressive traffic I received on the subject, but I certainly gave it my best shot and God knows it will certainly take more than a lackluster fan base to stop me from rewarding my faithful tattooees.

I feel the nine people who were so generous in providing me with their precious data deserve something in return. So I have decided to interpret each and every chart personally here at the Ten Minute Astrologer. Understandably each interpretation may be too long for one day's blog so I am prepared to continue each interpretation into the next day if necessary...sort of a serial blog if you will. This suits me just fine anyway because the burden of wondering what to write every day is now taken off of me...thanks to all my ink loving participants.

All participants identities will remain secret. I will interpret the charts without using names, or locations of birth. This means only the people who sent me their charts will know who they are. ATTENTION: IF ANY PARTICIPANTS DO NOT WANT ME TO USE THEIR HOROSCOPES PLEASE LET ME KNOW

Since it is Friday and the end of the week I think it would be more appropriate to start the interps on a Monday. But for those of you who are curious here are the astrological signs of the ten people who sent me their data. They are as follows: 1 Aries, 1 Gemini, 1 Cancer, 3 Libras, 2 Capricorns and 1 Aquarian.

Certainly this small number is not at all enough to satisfy a scientific panel of skeptics but we astrology loving, tattoo loving people deserve to know the company we are keeping for the next few weeks anyway.

I have not spoken nor have I corresponded with the participants except for a thank you for participating e-mail or two. I am putting my astrologer hat on now to give the reason, in my estimation why each of these signs initially were attracted to their tattoo.

  • The tattoo of an Aries is all about identifying himself as number one. Since this sign thrives on being the first at anything, it is most likely that within his circle of friends he got inked first.
  • The Gemini tattoo represents a form of communication. For a Gemini the image would be useful as a way of striking up a conversation.
  • The Cancer tattoo would represent a memorial of some kind. It could even represent the birth of a child or a celebration for a new home. Essentially, the Cancer's tattoo just makes him feel good.
  • The Libra tattoo would be chosen for it's beauty. This Venus ruled sign would only consider an attractive design. Libra's are always open to relationships so they may want to have the name of their significant other displayed prominently somewhere on their body.
  • A Capricorn chooses his tattoo to display his status. No matter the design a Capricorn's tattoo is displaying the fact that he is an authority on the subject. The Capricorn will be considered by others as the person who knows the best tattoo artist to go to and will be quite helpful in steering others seeking ink in the right direction.
  • An Aquarius chooses his tattoo probably because he is bored.. All Aquarians feel life isn't worth living if you don't try something new. To an Aquarian a body without ink is just itching for a change.
See you on Monday for the Aries interpretation.

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Debra Clement said...

I hate to admit this (but my Mercury in Sagittarius is making me!) : I'm a Capricorn and if I did get a tattoo (which I won't), it would be something representing my status as an attorney. Mea culpa!