Monday, February 22, 2010

Neptune in the Seventh House: Is Anybody There?

Continuation from last week...

I don't know the profession of my Gemini participant but from the looks of the horoscope it is an excellent example of an astrologer's chart. Gemini rising indicates a curious person as well as a person who needs to advertise himself or herself. Saturn in the first says that this person wants to communicate that he or she is an authority of some sort or at least embodies an authoritative appearance and demeanor. This placement of Saturn in the first house is a common placement for teachers. Aquarius on the Midheaven could be an indication of a person who's career is less conventional in it's expression than what Saturn in the first appears to be at first glance. We all know that Aquarius and it's ruler Uranus rule the subject of astrology and astrologers. So this chart could be the horoscope of a person who teaches the subject of astrology or at the very least someone who is very interested in the subject.

As far as an interest in tattoos for this person I can't say that anything jumps out except for the generational thing. This person is from the Neptune in Sagittarius generation and tattoos are as common as dirt for them. I still have a way to go as far as this subject is concerned and have no definitive astrological data except for my eighth house observations as well as a sprinkling of Pluto that is also a common signature. So in order not to repeat myself I will continue on with Gemini's planetary releases.

Starting from the first house going in a clockwise direction the ruler for the first seven years of this person's life was Mercury because Mercury rules the first house. This person will learn what it is like to have Mercury in the twelfth house between the ages of birth to seven years of life. The ruler of the ages seven to fourteen is Mars because Mars rules the next seven years of this person's life. This person will experience what it means to have Mars in the second house conjunct Venus from the ages of seven through fourteen years of age.

Since Mercury is in the twelfth house it looks like this person was not encouraged to communicate early in life, but it also indicates because of a trine to Pluto in the fifth that this person has a gift for communicating and in spite of the spiritual or silent nature of this type of Mercury the talent winds up expressing itself anyway.

Somewhere between seven and fourteen years of age Mars goes into release along with Venus, and because of the conjunction between these two planets, this period of life is a time when this this person feels a lot more comfortable in his or her own feeling safe, loved and secure.

Things change now when Neptune rules the ages between fourteen and twenty one. Neptune in the seventh house says that this is a time when he or she would be open to a more spiritual outlook especially through associations with others. But Neptune can be quite seductive and mysterious especially for a young and inexperienced person. Our Gemini would be very vulnerable to unsavory types now because under Neptune's influence the people that he or she is now encountering will not be presenting themselves as they really are.

Neptune also rules the natal eleventh house of this chart which says that most of the friends during this period are not to be trusted. Since Neptune is located in the seventh house the message is clear that this will be a time when people cannot be really be counted on.

Because the seventh house Moon conjuncts Neptune it looks like encounters with women can be especially confusing. The Moon also rules the third house which makes me wonder if a female sibling was not able to be counted on. Granted Neptune and the Moon located in the seventh house can make for a very psychic person but it can be very difficult to discern under the influence of Neptune whether what one is experiencing is real or imagined. So we can expect this to be a time when he or she will actually have the experience of sensing what others are thinking but also also a time where it would be necessary to protect oneself from unsavory individuals.

I would like to add that Neptune will always activate the imagination and inspire all of those for whom it touches. This could very well be a time when the inspiration for a tattoo might whisper it's come hither message to Gemini.

To be continued......

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