Friday, February 19, 2010

A Gemini With Gemini Rising

Sorry for my absence yesterday but I'm back now and just in time for some horoscope interpretations for my Gemini participant. Let's see if I can find some astrological patterns that would indicate an attraction for adorning his/her body with ink.

Our Gemini was born on May 28th, 1972 at 6:17 AM. In order to honor my promise to keep things confidential I am only divulging the month, day and year of birth as well as the time in order to keep things confidential. All participants know who they are so it will be unnecessary to give longitudes and latitudes of birth.

Gemini rising says that this individual wants to communicate something. In order to find out exactly what he/she is striving to communicate we have to take a look at where Mercury is located in the horoscope. Since Mercury is located in the twelfth house it is safe to say that this person is striving to communicate something that cannot be easily understood because the twelfth house by it's very nature is all about hidden and secret and even spiritual matters. It also tells us that this person... for the first seven years of his/her life at least, was not encouraged to openly communicate to others and most likely would have felt alone or lonely.

The Sun and it's location will tell us how this person will fulfill the urge or need to communicate. Because the ruler is in the twelfth house and points to a quite persona this person will fulfills his or her quiet persona with physical restraint because the Sun is conjunct Saturn in the first house. This person could give the impression of a perfectly well behaved individual who has the ability to keep things confidential.

In order to quickly find out where this behavior winds up we look to the ruler of the 10th and where it is located. The ruler of the 10th is Aquarius which tells us that something in his/her behavior winds up suspending something or changing something. Uranus in the 5th indicates that this person will wind up showing that although he or she is private, restrained and possibly inhibited winds up expressing all this in an eccentric or possibly rebellious creative way.

Could this mean that this naturally impressionable and spiritual person who appears on the surface at least, to be conservative, must express his or her talents in a unique or unconventional form? Is this chart indicative of a person who bears a tattoo?

To be continued.....

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