Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Astrology and Marriage

A continuation from yesterday of the horoscope for our Gemini, born May 28, 1972 at 6:17am EDT...

I want to point out that this Neptune release which happens between the ages of 14 and 21 years could also be a pointer for an early marriage although Dobereiner says that for a legal union to have taken place, the ruler of the 2nd as well as the ruler of the 8th house should be involved in the release period.

Neptune in the seventh house could easily signify a marriage, however Dobereiner says that the seventh house is all about the idea of marriage not necessarily the act of committing to a marriage, which actually occurs in the 8th house where commitments are made. The second house is also very important in this system with regard to marriage. The second house is all about ownership and property. When asked about the seventh house as the marriage house Dobereiner answered by saying, "Of course, the seventh house, together with the second house does lead up to marriage. The seventh house alone isn't marriage. The second house has to be in there too, since when you get married, you sign a contract. And by doing that you give up a great many rights, and those all belong to the second house. A marriage is always to be found in the second house."

So the idea of marriage may have drifted into our Gemini's head as a romantic image given that Neptune was ruling this period but it doesn't necessarily mean that the commitment occurred by actually marrying because for that to happen the ruler of the eighth and second would have to be involved. It is possible that this may have occurred because the ruler of Gemini's seventh house is Jupiter which is located in the eighth and quite possibly pull in the opposite second house because of the opposition to Venus and Mars in the second.

Yes possible but I'm going to use practical common sense and guess that this Neptunian relationship went the predictable way of Neptune into Never Never Land and then somewhere between 35 and 42 our Gemini faces another marriage opportunity because Jupiter goes into release and rules the next seven years of his or her life. But if indeed a marriage did take place at this time, no matter what Dobereiner says, the happy couple would have considered it a marriage that would have to eventually dissolve leaving our Gemini with the understanding that his or her partner could not be counted on. I always tell my clients with Neptune in the seventh house to ask their parents or someone they trust what they think of their partner. It always helps to see a situation more clearly through a fresh pair of eyes

The third quadrant will give clues as to whether a person will be open to marrying. Numerous planets in the third quadrant usually indicate a marriage oriented person. By contrast, a person with lots of planets planets located in the first quadrant and with a strong second house emphasis will find it more difficult because the idea of sharing with another person is a serious challenge. I remember giving a reading for a Taurus with a loaded second house. He had never been married and was very much in love but he was scared to death to take the first step.

I apologize for jumping backwards here for a minute but I just noticed that by the time our Gemini reaches age 21 the planet Uranus goes into release. Uranus is in the fifth house and could be an indicator of an unexpected pregnancy, or because of the nature of Uranus, a suspension of a pregnancy. Since Uranus is the ruler of the tenth house and is located in the fifth house this unexpected turn of events would have certainly changed his or her feelings about career goals.

It's times like this that I really need feedback from the client. Oh well!

To be continued....

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