Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What does Saturn Square Pluto look Like?

When two astrological enemies go head to head in a hard aspect such as a 90 degree square it is correct to assume tension will result. Among other things Saturn rules structures and communities, and Pluto rules power and governments. It is also interesting to know that Pluto also rules the bowels and when restrictive Saturn squares Pluto in a person's natal horoscope it is not uncommon for them to experience constipation.

In mundane astrology the effects of this combination can cause constipation in other areas as well. A picture is always worth a thousand words so I've provided a few of them for you to gaze upon... just in case you were wondering why you were turned down for that loan or notice how your credit card interest rates have been going through the roof.

And then there is this world famous construction site:

But not to worry. Just keep listening to the guys on the street. A after all don't they keep telling us that the economy is getting better?

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