Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Lunar Return with Pluto on the Side

Due to family responsibilities I have been spending a lot of time in Florida. Florida always sounds like a wonderful place to be especially if you are a native New Yorker and would do almost anything to avoid it's finger numbing winters.

I'm an astrologer and have never used it for weather forecasting and at this stage of the game have no intentions to do so, however if you are like me, relying on your local weather channel in the morning is a ritual of necessity no matter where you live and when you find yourself in a state that is experiencing it's coldest winter in eight years....well you just gotta get the old ephemeris out and look.

I don't know much about astrology weather forecasting but what I do know is that Saturn brings cold weather, and according to ZZ Zain an afflicted Pluto makes for nasty weather. My natal Moon is at 3 degrees and nine minutes of Libra and for the past three days the building I am living in has no heat in any of the apartments. At first I thought that this cold snap would be short lived but according to the the weather reports it won't be.

Early this morning as the transiting Moon in Libra returned to it's natal position in my horoscope even pounds of covers couldn't bring my body temperature to a tolerable level nor could it escape from Saturn's chill and Pluto's reputation for making one beg for mercy. So here I am in the orange juice capital of the world freezing to death wishing I was in New York sitting next to my friendly hissing radiator just inches away from a closet chock full of marino wools and toasty cashmere sweaters...not to mention knee high boots lined in shearling.

Floridians have been chomping at the bit waiting for this weather. As for myself I fail to see the excitement as my body temperature is about the same as the many lizards and iguanas prowling the landscaped gardens and walkways of Key Biscayne. I have no tolerance for the cold and like a cat I am happiest sitting in a little block of sunlight. I consider air conditioning something to be used when the temperature becomes insufferable...and that is about 95 degrees. I just think that my metabolism makes me a natural a conservationist preferring a hand fan to a Frigidaire even if it is Energy Star rated.

Forgive my digressing but fortunately just the mention of air conditioning gets me back on track. Saturn has made me very sensitive to the cold lately and it really kicked in big time when it first made a conjunction to my natal Moon in November and I caught pneumonia. Transiting Pluto has been doing too much to mention but I'll share some of the latest.

So, you know when Pluto is around when the manager of the building you are in answers your request for a assistance with a broken thermostat from three days ago, plays with it with the authority of a police sergeant and then dismisses you like yesterdays left overs while announcing all is fixed and all the while you know he is totally wrong. It is here that I must interject that the circumstances I am in make it impossible for me to be able to take total control of the situation because the apartment is not mine and I am assisting an elderly relative. Years of dependence on these bully types have made her an expert in avoiding confrontations. Any assertiveness on my part could be easily misconstrued as aggressive and competitive by this manager who I can only describe as a Nazi. Can you smell Pluto around yet?

Before I go on I want it to be known that repressing is not really in my personality, although since Saturn is conjuncting my Moon I think I'm learning how.

So after three days of freezing my ass off I just had to express my discomfort and not in a healthy Mars in the Third House kind of way and not in a forceful Mars in the Third House sort of way but in a more repressed Mars in the Third House sort of way. Kind of like how an irritated Geisha might sound. And to my shock and horror Mr. Nazi responds with the ultimate Plutonian response "If you speak to me in that tone you can get someone else to do the work." God no! I can't be the cause of upsetting Granny. I clam up faster than you can say "The shit just may be ready to hit the fan". Naturally, had it been my place and if I were not in a position to protect a vulnerable person like I was, and mind you, I am not proud of my un-Buddhist approach here, but I would have had to let loose my own Pluto in the Third House on him. Instead...sweet granny took over and the apartment is still cold and the Nazi feels like a real man.

I've been through many Pluto transits and I know when not to try to win. This is one of those times. So when he left I cried lots of frustration and repression tears, the kind that even makeup can't help.

And I am still freezing my ass off because not even Home Depot has space heaters to sell in South Florida.

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NR said...

Dear God, that's terrible. Hope things soon resolve for the better for you!

Loved this post, by the way, loved its energy!

P.S. I have Mars in the third :D