Monday, January 4, 2010

Survival and the Sixth House

I was looking for some interesting horoscopes and I came across the chart of Patty Hearst. I remember that period in time quite vividly because of how bizarre it was. The heiress granddaughter of publisher William Randolf Hearst was kidnapped by the radical and militant Symbionese Liberation Army. Nineteen year old Patty Hearst was held hostage and became so influenced by her captors that she became a victim of Stockholm syndrome and made front page headlines as she participated in an armed robbery at a bank in Hibernia, California.

Patty Hearst was born on February 20, 1954 at 6:01PM in San Francisco, California. Patty is a Virgo Rising and has Mercury in the Seventh House. Her Sun is in the Sixth House and the sign on the cusp of the Tenth House is Gemini.

Virgo on the Ascendant tells me that her endowed nature is striving to adapt itself and with the ruler Mercury in the Seventh House we can say that she is striving to adapt to encounter others as well as the ideas of others. Her openness to encounters will be fulfilled by adapting to them as a matter of survival because the Sun is located in the Sixth House. Looking at Gemini on the cusp of the Tenth House I can safely say that she winds up communicating this fact.

Patty's experience in a nutshell is that she someone who is recognized for being influenced by others to such an extent that her very survival was at stake. I don't doubt at all that she experienced physical abuse which was used as a defense during her trial with the ruler of the Seventh in her Second House. Patty was only nineteen years old at the time. Combine that with a sensitive Pisces Sun as well as Pisces on the cusp of her Seventh House one could easily see how this young and innocent free spirit became the unwilling victim to a brainwashing.

I want to point out that the Moon was the phase ruler for the ages of 14 to 21 years. The Moon is located in the second house which indicates that Patty's experiences for this period would be all about physical safety and security. If the ruler for that period was not located in the second house she would not have been in physical danger. I also would like to point out that at the time transiting Pluto, the quintessential kidnapper, was at 6 degrees of Libra.

This story was riveting and her horoscope is a great example of the circumstances of her life during that time. No more Dobereiner until next week.

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