Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Astrology on Brad and Angelina

After reading my Brad and Angelina post today I decided that I wanted to look for aspects between these two that were not quite as challenging. The Sag in me makes me somewhat of an optimist and my Libra Moon wanted to be fair so I had to try. I mean, really, every astrologer knows how easy it is to spot the the difficult aspects first so I decided to cut them some slack. After all, they deserve some cutting considering all their good works and all. I certainly can't say that I'm setting the world on fire with my own humanitarian efforts.

There are always some aspects that will be able to mitigate the difficult ones. For instance Angie's Moon conjuncts Brad's Jupiter. This aspect is notorious for making couples feel good even on the bad days and can help them to put up with, or even ignore difficult aspects in their charts. Angie's Moon also sextiles Brad's Saturn which can help Angie's Moon/Mars conjunction to not fly off the handle as quickly. Angie's Mercury trines Brad's Saturn which helps Brad to accept and approve of Angie's opinions. Sagittarians really need intellectual stimulation and Angie's Gemini Sun is a nice compliment for his lofty Sun sign.

Angie's Moon sextiling Brad's ascendant is another complimentary aspect to have between two people. Brad will be attracted to Angie's maternal and emotional nature. They will immediately feel comfortable in each other's presence. Additionally, because Angie's Mars trines Brad's rising sign you can be sure she is a great motivator for him as witnessed by their shared joint ventures, not to mention the gazillion tons of 3-D sexual chemistry jumping right out of their horoscopes due to all those sexy Mars combinations.

Angie's Jupiter trines Brad's Saturn and can be a great help for any couple. Angie's optimism and faith is accepted by Brad in a serious and respectful way. Yeah, no matter how challenging those squares and oppositions are, these two can find it in themselves to respect one another.
They have the ability to combine vision and idealism with practical experience which can help them reach their goals for any project undertaken.

Angie's Uranus will make her march to a different drummer, and since it sextiles Brad's Sun he's happy to be right there along side her trying to change the world. With Angie's Neptune on Brad's Ascendant it would have been impossible for him to resist her allure when they first met.
Their difficult Mars aspects only served to increase the sexual attraction between them. Poor Jenifer didn't have a chance.

I don't know if anything I read is true about anybody in the tabloids but I do remember reading somewhere that Jennifer is still friendly with Brad. Astrologically speaking it could actually be true. Those Aquarians do have an uncanny way of remaining friends with ex's like no other sign of the zodiac.

As far as Brad and Angelina, together or not together, it looks like they will be entertaining us for quite some time. According to Dobereiner's system Angie will be in a Uranus period for the next seven years which means that she will experience what it means to Uranus in the fourth house squaring her ascendant and Venus. Should be some interesting changes to come on the home front.

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