Friday, January 29, 2010

Is Bigger Better for Pisces?

Before Neptune was discovered in 1846 Jupiter was considered the ruler of Pisces. To this day astrologers still take Jupiter into consideration when analyzing a chart. Jupiter is the Santa Claus of the Zodiac and because of this fact there isn't an astrologer alive who isn't waiting for good old Jove to sprinkle a little bit of luck into one of his twelve houses especially if it's been a lean year. The wonderful thing about astrology is that the planets never stand still and each sign will eventually have their chance to get a Jupiter transit. Right now it's the fishie's turn.

Since Jupiter is so generous he will gladly distribute the his booty like so many Cracker Jack prizes to all the signs that are compatible with his nature. So if you were born under the sign of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, or Capricorn you should definitely experience a bit of the luck of the Irish while he hangs around...but in this particular case Pisces will get most of the goodies because Jupiter's magic is working for Pisces first.

Exactly when the benefits will manifest depends on your birthday. If you were born early in these signs you should be feeling his presence right now. If you were born in the middle of these signs be prepared to feel good towards the middle of the signs. And if you were born in the latter part of the sign just be patient cuz the good stuff is on it's way.

In order to make it a little clearer:
There are 30 degrees to a sign. There are approximately 28-31 days in a month. The Sun will begin it's journey in the sign of your birth anywhere from the 19th to the 24th of the birthday month. As a hypothetical example I am saying that early in the month would be considered approximately 1-10 days after the Sun entered your Sun sign. The middle of the sign would be approximately 10-20 days after the sun entered your Sun sign and the latter part of the sign would be considered approximately 20-30 days after the sun entered your Sun sign.

I must point out here that each astrological sign actually begins at zero degrees and that my hypothetical example was used to simplify the concept for non-astrologers .

Here are some signals that Jupiter is closing in:
  • You've been mentioned in Grandpa's will.
  • You just won the lottery.
  • You are going on a trip to Bali.
  • He asked you on a third date.
Since the zodiac is one great big circle there are a lot of variables here. For instance if you were born under the sign of Virgo which is the opposite sign to Pisces you will experience some of Jupiter's energy as well, only it will be exaggerated. So instead of just feeling lucky, you might just take that feeling to the limit by maxing out your credit cards. The same kind of problem is likely to occur if you were born under the sign of Gemini or a Sagittarius. Jupiter will inflate all it touches, so if the signs are incompatible as Gemini and Sagittarius are to Pisces we will get an exaggeration of Jupiter's vibrations. Things have a way of getting blown out of proportion with Jupiter in a challenging aspects.

Here are some signals that Jupiter in Pisces is being aspected by incompatible signs or aspects in your horoscope:
  • You just gained 20 lbs and don't know how it happened...and still keep eating.
  • You overestimate everything.
  • Someone just described you as arrogant.
  • You buy everything in multiples.
  • You seem to be throwing money around like a drunken sailor.
So while you're enjoying your Jupiter transit just keep an eye on Saturn for ballast.

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