Friday, January 22, 2010

Ouch! Mars is Retrograde

It's hard for me to remember when I didn't know what the phrase Mercury retrograde meant. I do know that my first astrology class began a couple of years after the Fillmore East opened. That was a long long time ago. It was also the year when the legendary astrologer Al Morrison of Void-of-Course-Moon fame read my horoscope and told me that I would get pregnant that year and to get rid of it.

Fortunately for me, like now, I was going through a Neptune transit and that portion of the reading went right in one ear and out the other or more to the point, through the hole in my head. I mean really, during that time when everybody was high as a kite I actually didn't do drugs. My Moon/Neptune conjunction made me naturally high and still does. Anyway, unbeknownst to this astrologer, a few days before my reading with sensitive Al, I was jay walking across 18th Street and 2nd Avenue and without any rhyme or reason the thought of motherhood zipped through my brain. In the nano second that it took for my foot to reach the curb I knew that not having children would never be an option for me. Then I kept on walking and moved on to my next thought.

PS: I eventually did get pregnant as predicted and gave birth to a perfectly beautiful son who I prophesied would would become a writer, and thirty odd years later he did. The moral of this story is not to have your chart read by an insensitive jerk.

To get back to my point about a retrograde Mercury, it used to be the case that when people heard this term they would give you a kind of quizzical look, which then meant you would have to out yourself as a star gazing odd ball. Not so today. Actually I just read an article on Shelley Ackerman's website that Rachel Maddow spoke about Mercury being retrograde. Looks like astrology has gone mainstream...well almost. Isn't Rachel more of a progressive thinker?

So according to this article it would appear that we have evolved to the point in 2010 where anybody with a high school diploma and who doesn't live in the Bible belt actually knows what Mercury retrograde means. I don't think that is statistically correct but let's go with it being a possibility anyway cause I'm tired and it's getting late.

The planet Mercury will retrograde or appear to be moving backwards three or four times a year. Since Mercury rules matters concerning communications it is the time most likely for cable problems, phone problems, and general all around comprehension problems. It is not a good time to sign documents, or make agreements that are intended to be permanent.

The planet Mars will also retrograde but only once every two years. William Lilly says "Mars rules all metals forged in steel." It is also no surprise that Mars also rules energy, strength, force, heat and anger. The energy of Mars is always more effective when it is direct in motion rather than retrograde. When Mars is direct in motion it is active and full of purpose. Projects begun under a direct Mars help them to reach their swift conclusion. By contrast projects started under a retrograde Mars will be full of delays and poor craftsmanship.

So, in conclusion, if you are planning a project, please knock yourself out and keep planning but don't start the actual work on it until it at least goes direct or better yet leaves it's shadow. This means that after Mars goes direct in it's motion it is not considered out of it's shadow until it reaches the degree it was at when it turned retrograde. So on May 17th, 2010 Mars will be considered out of it's shadow.

Hope you didn't start building your house on December 20th. Oh yeah! I almost forgot, please watch out for nail guns!


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This many interest you. Chris Brennan wrote about Rachel Maddow and the Rx Mercury:

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