Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturn and Karma

On Sunday morning I watched from my window and saw what looked like a bike marathon except it wasn't. It was a memorial ride for a cyclist who was killed by a drunk driver on January 17th at 8:00am in Key Biscayne. The driver was doing 80 mph at the time, was not a citizen and also did not have a license.

I have two sons. One is an avid cyclist and can be found riding his bike all over the Big Apple practically 365 days of the year. For those of you who live in that longitude and latitude you know that this means that he is riding under all types of disgusting weather and traffic conditions. My other son always enjoyed riding his motorcycle to and from work in NYC up until he was hit by a cab driver last summer. Fortunately my son is alive and well, except for a permanent knee weakness which was the result. He isn't riding his motorcycle anymore. The cab driver by the way left the scene of the accident only to come back a half hour later.

Just a few months ago my cyclist son was knocked off his bike by a woman driving an imposing SUV. He suffered bruises that required medical attention and is bike was damaged very badly... fortunately he too is alive to tell the tale. According to the woman, my son drove right into her car which is an interesting concept since my son is famous for writing about bike safety. It is also interesting that she never even asked him if he was hurt during the entire incident.

Needless to say I have passionate feelings about people who do not obey the law or believe that people who ride bikes are annoying insignificant life forms similar to gnats deserving of a swat or two.

So everyday as I drive by the ghost bike set up in memory of this family man who just wanted to ride his bike in the open air, I wonder about the driver and whether he had strong Saturn aspects to his chart. Saturn as we know is all about rules and regulations. Is it any wonder Capricorns worry so much? These children of Saturn know that the rest of the eleven other signs, if given half a chance, will ignore rules like a sugar addict avoids artificial sweeteners.

Saturn is vital when it comes to keeping everything in it's right place. I always am reminded of this when I see a picture of the rings around Saturn. I think of those rings as representing parameters indicating limits which is exactly what Saturn is all about. I remember an astrologer talking about an inner city school teacher who was also an astrologer. She found that the kids who had a hard time adhering to the rules were the ones with poorly aspected Saturns. It certainly would be an interesting research project for someone to work on

But most of all I am reminded that Saturn is the planet that rules karma. If that driver didn't know what the word karma meant driving 80 mph in a 40 mph zone, I suspect that he has a pretty good idea now.


msfullroller said...

"....She found that the kids who had a hard time adhering to the rules were the ones with poorly aspected Saturns..."

What poor aspects oppositions and squares?


I'm afraid I phrased it poorly. What she meant that their Saturn's were weak...either unaspected or barely significant aspects. Lack of squares, oppositions etc. I can't verify that this is the case. Just makes sense. Only personal observation will prove it out.