Thursday, January 21, 2010

Neptune on the Midheaven - Have a drink on me!

Neptune has gotten just about as close to me as my underwear ever since it situated itself like some colorful beach umbrella right on top of my Midheaven. I have been trying to ignore it's presence for quite some time but the closer it gets the more lost I become. As always happens with long term transits I inevitably find myself surrounded in real life by the planet's symbolism. For instance right now I am in Florida with a glorious view of Biscayne Bay edged in tourist seducing palm trees...coconuts and all.

The only interesting forms of life down here are the, occasional cormorants and adorably clumsy looking pelicans and the endangered prehistoric manatees floating by like so many giant soggy croutons. In Florida's infinite wisdom and in it's need to attract tourists it apparently felt that given the choice of the alligator or the friendly frolicking manatee the latter would be a better choice for elevation to statehood status. Alas, because being tan is more interesting and infinitely more attractive than admiring God's creatures, sunshine won out.

Since my stay here is temporary I estimate that this Neptune transit will go on only until next year. Then it will leave and put someone else to sleep or makes them insane. Yes, these words as well as the descriptions of my physical surroundings are all associated with Neptune. I have tasted the drug and I can't say that I really like it, although I'd love a little cocktail to wash it down with. I am aware that I am giving the impression that I am overlooking Neptune's higher octave which is spirituality. Yeah, yeah I am praying through this transit too, I'm experiencing every shade and color in between that is associated with Neptune's dreamy side, except I haven't levitated yet nor have I channeled Marilyn Monroe.

I'm not complaining mind you, just venting. I mean, after all who wouldn't want to be living in paradise twenty four hours a day.

Anybody who wasn't going through a Neptune transit that's who.

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