Monday, February 1, 2010

Do You Speak Astrologeze?

I've been waiting to begin a project for what seems to be forever. My natal Mars is in Leo, and yes, I have been guilty of being arrogant sometimes especially when I'm a little ticked off. I can also be a bit of a show off when I'm feeling my oats, but not lately though, because I've been waiting for Mars to go direct and it's been like trying to find a lost key to your favorite wind up know how much fun it can be when it works but until that key is found all you have is a memory of what was.

Sure it's frustrating waiting for March to come rolling around and for the timing to be more on my side but I'm sticking to my plan anyway and will be tweaking away on it until it arrives on my doorstep. I would advise those of you who want to get your own show on the road to exercise patience as well. These retrograde periods can certainly slow you down but it's great to have an ephemeris to guide you through them.

It is during times like these I can really appreciate that I was born into this world bilingual. In my world that means I speak astrologeze and English. So, for all you astrologers out there, whether you are filling out a required application for a job, or a visit to the dentist, chiropractor or the doctor, go ahead and check off the bilingual box, because you are.

Just don't hold your breath waiting for the rest of the world to agree.

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