Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Astrology of Charlie Sheen's Marriages

Charlie Sheen has been in the news lately for his unpredictable temper again. Naturally this made me curious as to what is going on with this guy. He was born on 09/03/1965 at 10:48PM in New York City. I have not studied Charlie's life in depth nor do I want to but I felt compelled to check out his horoscope because of all the gossip and publicity surrounding him lately. So I used a little of Dobereiner's system to check in on Charlie's planetary releases.

He is a Gemini Rising which says that he is a natural born communicator. His Mercury is located in an emotional 4th house in Leo so we can safely say that Charlie's nature is to express and communicate his creative feelings through his Sun in Virgo in the 5th house. So again we can see that he will give expression to his feelings in a creative form. Mercury is the planetary ruler of his 5th house so his creativity can only behave in a way that Mercury allows. Mercury located in the 4th house says that he will only be able to express his creativity through his emotional nature. So far this makes sense especially since Charlie is in a profession that relies on giving expression to different emotions.

So Charlie has to communicate his feelings and express them in a creative way but the challenge for him is that the ruler of his 10th Uranus, shows us where this all winds up and for that we have to look at Uranus in the 5th house. This means that Charlie has a reputation for not being able to conform or adapt emotionally to situations. This is especially felt in his own home environment because the the landlord of the 5th house is Mercury in the 4th.

Charlie's chart is great from an astrologers point of view, not because he is an especially fine role model but the planetary challenges he has come into this incarnation with are as obvious as the nose on his face.

As I've said, I haven't really followed Charlies life but I can certainly tell the ages that made a significant impact on him. For instance the ages from 7 to 14 was ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is located in Charlie's sixth house. The sixth house is where one adapts oneself to circumstances and his and Mars would point to the fact that Charlie was busy doing just that. But Mars is widely conjuncts Neptune in the sixth house which indicates that Charlie would have felt uneasy or alienated from the circumstances he was in and had a hard time adapting.

During ages 7 thru 14 Charlie also experienced what it was like to have Saturn opposing his stellium in the 5th house. Around this time he would have also begun to understand that there are consequences for behaving badly. Ages 14 to 21 would have to have been a truly difficult time especially since the ruler of that period was Neptune. Any susceptibility for drugs would have become obvious by then. Then by the time Charlie reached age 21 there was no way in hell to reason with him because this was a Uranus ruled this period.

Right now Charlie is in a period ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is located in his 2nd house. Dobereiner says that the second house is about safety and security. A 2nd house phase will make a person want to marry and settle down for obvious reasons. Charlie has been married three times. Two very obvious marriages were between the ages of 35 and 42 when he married actress/model Denise Richards and again between the ages of 42 and 49 with a real estate investor Brooke Mueller. Both of these periods are Jupiter periods for Charlie. Jupiter rules his seventh house. Both marriages took place under Jupiter release periods.

One has to look at the condition of the ruling planet for that period as well and Charlie's Moon opposes Jupiter which rules his eighth house, the house of commitments. The Moon opposing Jupiter is an indication of more than one commitment because of Jupiter's inclination to indulge in more than just one.

I don't doubt that anyone held a gun to Charlie's head to marry these last couple of times, but I'd certainly think more than twice about hooking up with him if I were his next intended because knowing Charlie, it could be exactly the other way around one day.

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