Monday, January 11, 2010

Homeopathy and Astrology

Today is Monday so let's talk Dobereiner. The book that convinced me that Dobereiner really knew what he was talking about was his book titled The Patterns of Experience in the Astrological Diagnosis and Homeopathic Treatment of Illnesses.

After familiarizing myself with his system I began to look at the entire horoscope the way one would look at a timed released cold capsule. The pharmaceutical company claims that the medication contained within the capsule has been designed to release certain amounts of medication around the clock at specific times. Whether or not the pill actually works in this way is not the point here. The concept of the timed released capsule is what is the point... as it relates to a useful analogy for The Munich Rhythm Theory Method of Chart Interpretation.

So the Munich Rhythm Theory as I understand it basically says that we will grow and develop through our experiences which have been destined to release at specific points in time. Looking at a chart in this way immediately brings up the age old question of whether we have control over our destiny or not. I am not going to debate whether it is possible to have control over one's destiny or not at this point but what I will do is state that homeopathy as used by Dobereiner offers a possible solution for potential ailments scheduled to release at specific times in a persons life.

I have not had the occasion to use any of the homeopathic remedies in his book, however, I have been able to relate to the descriptions of the aspects he so brilliantly describes. Whether you are interested in homeopathy or not, the material contained within this book will give you a greater understanding of yourself on every possible level. For instance without this material I don't think that I would have realized that Neptune releases always point to a time in an individual's life when traumatic events occur. Dobereiner explains "Whenever the pressures to conform lead to feelings of guilt, wherever the individuals inner life is no longer in harmony with its outer form, wherever the oppression of the psyche becomes too strong, there mechanisms of Neptune begin to function. The hormonal activity of the adrenal gland is stimulated, providing the means for elevating the psyche, for making it insensitive and numb to pressures to conform."

I was born with a Moon conjunct Neptune. When I first read his explanation of the Neptune effect. I stopped and thought about my lifelong ability to "tune out" especially when I felt challenged or out of my element. There are thousands of people with this configuration who have found out that that a cocktail can have the same effect...and many still who may also have alcohol or drug related problems.

I now look at Neptune as a natural anesthetic that is created by my own body when I'm under tremendous stress. I am positive that this is the reason I have never sought the assistance of prescription drugs. I also believe that if my Neptune were situated in a vulnerable quadrant and was aspecting challenging planets I probably would have found an escape through the use of artificial means.

To quote Dobereiner yet again "Neptune characterises the activity of the adrenal system. The individual with an unafflicted Neptune possesses one of the most important regulatives. It even deadens (psychic) pain It is life's anesthesia"

If you order but one of his books let it be this one.

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