Friday, December 11, 2009


The mental quadrant where lie the contents of the imagination
House Seven is where the encountering of ideas take place.
House Eight is where the attachment to the ideas take place.
House Nine is the understanding that results from the ideas we encounter

This quadrant contains the contents of the imagination. All we encounter and our perception of what we encounter takes place in this quadrant. Think of the seventh house as your front door. When the doorbell rings you will go to the door to see who is there. This act of opening the front door brings you in contact with the outside world resulting in a seventh house experience. Deciding to let that person into your home becomes an eighth house act because of your commitment to the decision of allowing access. Once you have allowed access what then results is an understanding of what the encounter is all about.

Let's take for example a chart with Gemini rising and Mercury in the seventh house. We can say that the person in this horoscope is striving to communicate ideas. If Mercury were in the fifth house we would say that the person is striving to communicate a talent. If Mercury were in the ninth house we could say the person was striving to communicate an understanding. If Aries was rising and Mars was located in the second house, instead of saying "This person busies himself with making money", Dobereiner gets to the gestalt of the person with the phrase "This person is striving to secure oneself or acts to secure something."

With the latter example it is not uncommon to find that the person for whom you are doing the reading will not relate to the word money in the literal sense at all. For instance a Taurus will more readily respond more favorably when told that safety is a big concern rather than if the word money is used. Of course each chart must be judged on a multitude of factors and the student should not take my interpretations as if it were an imprimatur written and embossed with a papal seal.

I will be working on the tattoo charts over this weekend and plan to reserve a special space on my blog for more tattoo research soon. Be on the lookout and feel free to share.

More Dobereiner on Monday....Have a great weekend!

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