Thursday, December 10, 2009


So it is now tomorrow and as promised I am back with information on the second quadrant.

The emotions lie in this quadrant.
House Four is where feelings are bubbling up to the surface from the psychic realm.
House Five is where these feelings take on form and expression.
House Six is where these feelings adapt themselves to the prevailing circumstances in order to survive.

As we leave the three physical phases of development which have occurred in houses one two and three; houses four, five and six now bring us to the next three developmental stages of development which are emotional in nature.

The emotional and psychic feelings that are occurring in house four is now followed by house five where the emotions take on a form of expression and then next into the sixth developmental stage where the form of creative expression begins to adapt itself in a practical way as a matter of survival.

For simplicity sake try and imagine a person who is full of emotions and feelings. The feelings then move on to the next phase in the form of a talent which happens in the fifth house followed then by the sixth phase of development where the talent is then put to practical use into one's work.

Dobereiner points out that even if a person has a lot of talent, unless he can adapt that talent into something that works it could be a problem. It has been my experience that people with a loaded fifth house must do their own thing and in their own way which, and depending on other factors, could potentially interfere with a person's ability to derive enjoyment from their talents.

The sign on the cusp of the fifth house will describe the kind of talent that is striving for expression. For instance the sign of Libra on the cusp of this house would describe ideas as the form of creative expression because Libra's natural home is in the third quadrant where ideas come from. If the sign of Taurus were on the cusp of this house the creativity would be expressed in a more substantive form.

Later on I will describe in more detail how the images received in the third quadrant are always given expression in the second quadrant. But I don't want to overwhelm you.

This information is but the tip of the ice burg for this system. I will continue to try my best to present it into a cohesive whole in order for all who are interested. Whether you want to specialize in Dobereiner's system or simply want to add a small portion of his work to your repertoire it's a win win either way.

See you tomorrow!

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