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It is in the fourth quadrant that we can see the results of all that has come before on our journey through the twelve phases.

The last three phases of the developmental process

House Ten - The final significance of the individual's development which is bound by a standard that is recognized by the world at large.
House Eleven - This is the phase where a suspension of polarities takes place.
House Twelve - Transcending the need for the dependence of adapting to the prevailing circumstances in order to survive.

I look at the tenth house as if it were a clothesline. The clothes hanging on that line are out in somebody's backyard for the entire world to see. Similarly, if a person has the planet Mars located in the tenth house it is a safe assumption that he or she will be recognized as being an assertive or angry type of individual. I have seen many charts of athletes with this position. A person with a nurturing reputation may have a Moon in the tenth house and this goes for men as well as women. Pluto in the tenth house of a person's horoscope will cause him or her to be recognized for a need to be in control. Jupiter located in the tenth house would give an individual a reputation for freedom of expression, literally or figuratively.

In describing the eleventh house Dobereiner uses the phrase "suspension of polarities." I had a very difficult time comprehending what he meant by this until I thought in terms of phases of development. In the tenth house Saturn rules. Saturn is bound by standards that are set in stone so to speak. When we move on to the eleventh phase ruled by Uranus, things begin to change. The word suspend means to render something ineffective. The act of suspending polarities could be interpreted as stopping polar opposites.

The world of Saturn which is all about structure now begins to change in the eleventh house. This house always makes me think of those crazy mirrors in a fun house, where one's normal reflection changes from tall and skinny to short and fat. We leave the realm of Saturn which is bound by conformity and step into the world of Uranus where exists a tolerance for differences.
In fact Dobereiner explains that he has found many homosexuals born under this sign and attributes the reason to Aquarian's appreciation for non-conformity.

Dobereiner is not saying that all Aquarians are homosexuals but rather those born under this sign would more readily accept the idea. The eleventh phase of development is where we can relinquish our limited perceptions and thus begin to get closer to universal truth.

The twelfth house is the final stage of development. This is what is meant by spirituality. In this house the ego has transcended the need to to have to adapt to prevailing circumstances for it's survival and has entered into "the manifest truth of the world." The Crucifixion is the ultimate expression of the twelfth phase of development because it is the act of giving up of one's ego in exchange for deliverance.

The word misunderstood is often used by Dobereiner when talking about planets in the twelfth house. This makes so much sense to me based on the fact that illusive Neptune is the natural ruler of this house. How can we explain Neptune's nature other than describing it as spiritual, supernatural and sometimes even crazy. When we replace the word spiritual with the word misunderstood it encompasses so much more of the essence of it's meaning.

Tomorrow I will share some more useful details about the quadrants.

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