Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In order to help those of you who may be struggling I will use Dobereiner's Metaphorical example which should help to make the meanings of the quadrants a little easier to grasp. I apologize that I am unable to provide you with illustrations at this time until my new software arrives. So put your thinking caps on and I'll try to explain as clearly as possible with these cumbersome but useful steps.

Get a blank piece of paper and a pencil ready and draw a 360 degree circle.
  • Next draw a straight vertical line from the top of the circle all the way to the bottom. That line ill represent the MC/IC axis.
  • Next draw a horizontal line from the left hand side of the circle to the right hand side of the circle. That line will represent the ASC/DEC Axis.
  • You have now divided the circle into four equal pieces.
  • Write: "The tree stands in the place that is available to it" in the first quarter of the circle which contain houses one, two and three.
  • Write :"Here is where the fertilization of the tree takes place through it's encounter with the wind" in the third quarter of the circle which contain houses seven, eight and nine.
  • Write: "The kind of fruit that results from the encounter with the wind" in the second quarter of the circle which contains houses four, five and six.
  • Write: "What the fruit is used for" in the fourth quadrant which contains houses ten, eleven and twelve.

A chart with planets in the first quadrant will immediately tell you that the person has personal , material and physical concerns . A busy third quadrant indicates that the person has an active imagination and that it has been influenced by the images encountered in his or her environment. Planets in this house will describe what form the creative expression takes.
Planets in the fourth quadrant house will describe whether what has been creative has any lasting value to the world.

After this week The Munich Rhythm Theory Method of Chart Interpretation will be limited to one day a week every Monday.

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